XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 9 Recap – what is Florian’s secret?

May 18, 2023
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It’s an eventful penultimate episode as many secrets are revealed. The talent show works as a perfect setting for all this drama. “SNAFU” builds on the show’s narrative, providing real tension and intrigue, while Kitty’s new romance brings an interesting angle to proceedings.

We recap the Netflix series XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 9, “SNAFU,” which contains significant spoilers.

The penultimate episode of XO, Kitty, “SNAFU,” finds the students nearing the end of their school year. They have finals and a talent show to prepare for.

Kitty (Anna Cathcart) worries that she is failing all her classes and asks her friends for help. Meanwhile, Alex (Peter Thurnwald) speaks with Jina (Yunjin Kim), leading to many new dilemmas.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

After the camping escapades, Min Ho is single, and Kitty is back with Dae. They may be perfect for one another, but if Kitty fails her exams, they will be separated again.

Kitty asks for support from her roommates to help her pass all her finals so she isn’t sent home.

Why did Alex move to Seoul?

Alex plucks up the courage to speak with Jina about his discovery. He doesn’t know how to address the issue, so he just blurts it out instead. Alex tells Jina that he is her son. He used ancestry tests, which led to Professor Lee’s nephew. He knows Lee is his father. Alex then came here to meet him.

Jina admits that Lee doesn’t know that he has a son. No one knows except for Kitty. Jina figured it out; Kitty must have told Alex. The teacher then passes his mother the baby bracelet from the day he was born.

After this revelation, Jina returns home, absolutely shell-shocked. She confesses to her husband. Of course, Yuri overhears the whole thing. President Han just wants Jina to pay the man off; he can’t have another scandal ruining his business.

Yuri confronts her mom and then packs to leave. Jina tries to reason with her daughter. Yuri asks if the father is Lee and for details of the half-brother. Jina refuses to answer, though.

Yuri brings up the incident with Juliana and Jina being ashamed of her own daughter.

Then Yuri admits that she is gay and that she loves Juliana. Jina tries to defend herself, stating that she was only protecting the family. But Yuri knows better.

Jina was only trying to protect her own image. The Principal cares more about that than her own daughter or son.

Back at the dorms, Q continues to tutor Kitty. He mentions her crush on Yuri again. Then she appears.

Yuri informs them that she has come out to her mother and moved out. Yuri wants to live with them now.

Yuri explains everything to Kitty; she has a half-brother. Kitty attempts to act shocked, even though she knows the truth. Min Ho is then updated on the whole situation. He is hurt that Dae and Yuri faked their relationship and lied to him.

What is Florian’s secret?

Later, after studying hard, Dae and Min Ho go on a coffee run. They spy on Florian with another man and snap some photos. Min Ho and Dae eventually show Q the photos, leaving him to confront his partner. Q asks Florian if he is cheating. Florian admits that he is cheating, but not on Q. He’s paid for the answers to the tests.

At school, Professor Lee announces that anyone participating in the talent show will earn ten points toward their lowest grade. With such low grades, Kitty jumps at the chance.

Yuri offers to teach her fan dancing. Kitty has been avoiding Yuri, though, due to her growing feelings for the student.

Yuri and Kitty practice for the dance. The training is quite intimate; Kitty struggles to hide her feelings. After rehearsals, Kitty catches up with Alex.

The teacher has decided to leave the country, his father doesn’t know about his existence, and his mother doesn’t seem interested either. Alex informs Kitty that she has passed chemistry.

Why is Yuri upset?

At the talent show, Yuri and Kitty prepare for their dance. Jina asks her daughter to return home, adding that they will go and talk with Alex together. Yuri is surprised by this reveal. Jina thought Kitty had told her. Yuri is hurt to hear that Kitty knew and no one told her about Alex.

Yuri wastes no time in discussing this news. They argue about it during the dance. Kitty gets distracted and trips, setting off a fireworks display.

Her clothes catch fire, and the other dancers flee the stage. Min Ho runs onto the stage and saves her, putting the fire out.

XO, Kitty Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Alex has a change of heart and comes to the show; he wants to meet his half-sister after all. Jina holds Alex and Yuri’s hands, taking them out of the room together. Professor Lee follows behind, unsure of what is going on.

The episode ends with Dae questioning Kitty. He suspects that something is up and asks Kitty for answers. Kitty confesses she has feelings for someone else. Dae assumes she means Min Ho and then races to find him, vowing to kill the student.

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