The Clearing Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – who is the heir of The Kindred?

May 24, 2023 (Last updated: 3 days ago)
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“Kindred” is a step up from the premiere with some incredible acting from Miranda Otto. While some pieces start to come together, the mystery keeps us around.

Here is our recap of the Hulu series The Clearing Season 1 Episode 2, “Kindred,” which contains spoilers.

The second episode of the two-part premiere of The Clearing follows Freya (Teresa Palmer) continuing to battle her PTSD from her past life and the current battle of trying to find this little girl while protecting her son.

Also, Sara continues to cause trouble leading to Amy (Julia Savage) finding herself in a tough spot.

The Clearing Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

The episode begins with us seeing Amy looking at the lake, where she sees people on the hunt for Sara. She tells her brother Sara told her how she could eat whenever she had toys, etc.

However, he tells her it was all a lie, and the devil made her say it. Matriah calls Tamsin to say she is coming to gather the kids. As the hunt continued for Sara, Amy found her in a tree but tried to let her go, but her brother found him and told everyone.

Freya brings Billy to school, and one of the teachers pulls her aside to ask about his black eye. She mentions it was an accident, and her mother was there, and the teacher asks if her mother’s info is on file, and before this goes any further, she gets a call from the home informing her that Matriah had run off.

We’ve begun to unpack more and more that we are balancing between two timelines.

Who reveals that Sara ran away?

Matriah arrived at the house to do a once-over on each kid. She isn’t thrilled with them, from nitpicking their looks to asking what they’ve eaten. As she is set to walk away, Anton speaks up to inform her that he is the one that found Sara after she ran away. She thanks him for what he did and snaps at Tamsin as they enter.

Matriah sits down with Amy to discuss her fumbling about caring for Sara. Freya heads over to meet with Joe to confront him about why he didn’t call the police like he said he would. He tells her he doesn’t have the pull she thinks he does over there.

The pair have lunch together. Upon returning home with Billy, her gate is open, and he talks about a person at school that was talking to him over the fence leading to her freaking out.

While Matriah hits the stage for church, she delivers a speech about how she’s saved so many people, and everyone is clapping. Things quickly change when Sara grabs the mic and screams, “She’s not my mother.”

Tamsin snatches her and gets her out of the building. A frustrated Matriah heads outside for a smoke and runs into Detective Joe. The two have an interesting exchange, with Matriah knowing more about Joe than he even realized.

Detective Joe is searching for evidence to give him enough to get a search warrant for Matriah’s property. The officers around him tell him that he isn’t able to drum anything up, but he insists on doing so anyway.

Who is the heir of The Kindred?

Matriah sits down with Amy to discuss her lack of doing what is needed to help Sara. After saying she might have put too much pressure on her, she looks her in the face and tells her she is the heir of The Kindred when she is no longer able. However, she must be initiated and cleared of all her sins.

For this, we see Matriah give some drugs to Amy, which makes her head down this trippy road.

After the night of tripping, Amy hunts for Sara, and she finds Dr. Lathan, who informs her that she is gone. Back to the present day, when Freya gets a phone call, and it’s Wayne. She hangs up on him.

Freya calls her mom and freaks out on her for giving Wayne her number, and when she says I’m looking out for you, “I’m your mother,” she responds, “No, you are not.”

Who is Wayne?

Wayne is the father of Billy but hasn’t been in his life much at all. However, he is back in the picture because Freya’s mother has called him because of Freya’s actions as of late.

The Clearing Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

Freya sits down with present-day Matriah to tell her about Wayne and how her mother called him to come and take Billy away from her. Matriah looks her in the eyes and says, “Wayne will never take Billy from you, I promise.”

The episode ends with Matriah calling someone to ask if they are there, and the person is sitting at the school looking at the playground and saying they are there.

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