Who is Peter Thurnwald? Actor Explained

May 28, 2023
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Who is Peter Thurnwald? Actor Explained

Who Is Peter Thurnwald? We discuss the emerging Australian star and provide facts on the young actor after success with XO, Kitty.

The new streaming series XO, Kitty has recently taken Netflix by storm. The spinoff of the To All the Boys I Loved Before franchise debuted with impressive numbers, securing a spot in Netflix’s highly coveted top ten television streaming series for the past week. Among the rising actors on the show is Peter Thurnwald, who we will discuss in detail below.

Who is Peter Thurnwald?

Peter Thurnwald portrays Alex Finnerty, a young teacher and mentor to Kitty. According to IMDb, Alex finds himself at the center of one of the mysteries in XO, Kitty.

After being discovered during a performance of his debut play, “Flood” by Chris Isaacs, at the Gold Coast Arts Festival, this led to a role as an Iwi Prince in the film Kong: Skull Island, starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Where is Peter Thurnwald from?

According to an interview on the CBS Los Angeles program Java with Jamie, Thurnwald’s ethnicity is Korean, and he is from South Korea. However, he was adopted by his Australian parents when he was just a baby. According to Thurnwald, “I had a very Australian upbringing, with beach cricket and street cricket, and I played a million sports.”

His adoptive parents were doctors, but he grew up on Australia’s Gold Coast. Thurnwald then attended the University of Queensland, where he pursued a degree in physics. However, his passion for acting came calling, and he left to participate in the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

How old is Peter Thurnwald?

Thurnwald is 25 years old. According to the celebrity entertainment website GH Gossip, Peter Thurnwald’s birth year is reported as 1998. However, specific details regarding Peter Thurnwald’s specific birthday are currently unknown.

What is Peter Thurnwald known for?

Thurnwald was recently involved in XO, Kitty and is also known for the roles as Lachie Koh in Bump, Young Randall in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s biographical comedy series Young Rock, and as Foresite in the Paramount+ original Players.

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