City on Fire Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

June 1, 2023 (Last updated: July 28, 2023)
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City on Fire Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series City on Fire Season 1 Episode 7, including the release date and where to watch online.

Flashbacks explore the specific events that led to the destruction of the Hamilton-Sweeney family in “Annus Horriblis,” when William (Nico Tortorella) abandoned his family 15 years earlier.

This installment also follows the ongoing investigation into Samantha’s (Chase Sui Wonders) shooting, with Amory’s (John Cameron Mitchell) and Nicky’s (Max Milner) crimes being exposed even further.

It’s the weakest installment from the series so far, utilizing unforgiving flashbacks that poorly convey the eighties setting while the dialogue continues to be cliched and highly pretentious. Here’s what happened in City on Fire Season 1, Episode 6:

  • William wakes in the water and swims to the shore. He commandeers a boat and heads to the family mansion. Here he is reacquainted with the family caretaker, Jacob.
  • Bruno’s body is removed from the burning art studio. Mercer is told of William’s whereabouts. He stays with Regan while they await further information.
  • Nicky gets drunk after killing William. Charlie confronts him about Samantha’s photos. Nicky explains that the fire and the death of the worker broke Samantha.
  • Amory threatens Regan and Mercer. He is furious that Nicky has messed everything up again.
  • Samantha’s doctor thinks Samantha’s condition isn’t improving; the father may have to let her go.
  • Flashbacks reveal why William fell out with his family. Regan was raped, and somehow Amory was involved in the situation. He weaseled his way into a board seat. William didn’t trust him and urged Regan to tell their father. Regan ended up with a board seat after this discussion though.
  • William tried to warn the family of Amory and the Goulds, but nobody wanted to hear it. He stormed off before his father’s second wedding.
  • William and Jacob find files at Amory’s cottage. They discover Regan had a baby after the rape incident, which was covered up. Nicky’s file proves that he is a pyromaniac.
  • McFadden gains a warrant and accesses the building’s CCTV footage. This proves that Amory was somehow involved in the shooting as he returned from the park at the specific time of the shooting.
  • Nicky builds his biggest bomb yet. Charlie finds the band with this bomb. Sol chases after Charlie, who now knows too much. Charlie escapes and phones the police.

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date and Time

Episode 7 will be released on Apple TV+ on Friday, June 9th, 2023, at Midnight PT. Episode 7 is titled “The Demon Brother” and will have a run time of 58 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch City on Fire Season 1 Episode 7 with a subscription to Apple TV+ on the date mentioned above.


  • The Detectives are starting to get some important answers after weeks of investigating. Amory is somehow linked to all this mayhem, and Nicky is clearly building a bomb. Hopefully, the police can arrest both of these criminals before any more people are killed.
  • Charlie’s tip-off will lead to Nicky’s arrest. While the CCTV footage will allow the Detectives a chance to question Amory at the station.
  • William will also go to the police after his attempted murder, giving them even more leverage in the case.
  • Flashbacks will address Nicky and Samantha’s strange relationship.

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