Where is Amy Lynn Preasmyer Now? Explained

June 2, 2023 (Last updated: June 6, 2023)
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Where is Amy Lynn Preasmyer Now

Where is Amy Lynn Preasmyer Now? We discuss the true crime story and reveal where one of the main subjects is today. 

A documentary from Dateline NBC starts with a panicked 9-11 call from the young Amy Lynn Preasmyer that sets into motion a murder investigation in August 1997.

The victim was Amy’s boyfriend, the then twenty-one-year-old Ricky Cowles Jnr, whom Amy and her friend Sara would discover when they returned home that day.

Ricky had been viciously attacked with a hammer, suffered a headshot wound, and was unable to move, lying in a pool of his own blood.

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The twenty-one-year-old electrician had been working in his family’s business at the time.

What had happened was initially not clear, and as the authorities arrived at the horrific scene, there was a lot to process, but eventually, the truth behind the twisted events would be revealed, and if you have recently become aware of this case, then you will want to read our article that will explain where is Amy Lynn Preasmyer now.

Where is Amy Lynn Preasmyer Now?

Who is Amy Lynn Preasmyer?

At the time of the events, Amy was a seemingly normal sixteen-year-old girl in a relationship with her boyfriend, Ricky. According to friends, the two were initially very happy. However, a turn of events would set a chain of tragic events into motion, destroying the lives of all involved.

The sixteen-year-old from California had become pregnant at the time of Ricky’s murder, and this factor would initiate the horror behind this fateful case.

What did Amy Lynn Preasmyer do?

As the story behind the incident became apparent, it seemed that the pregnant Preasmyer was upset by the fact that she had become pregnant with Ricky. She would then, with the help of two friends, go on to conspire to have her boyfriend murdered. Amy would enlist a contract killer to murder Ricky, a man called Billy Hoffman.

However, Hoffman had stupidly been heard telling about his involvement in the crime to a number of people, and eventually, the police would be alerted to his bragging. This would lead to his arrest in 1998.

The trial would reveal that Amy had asked other people to help her murder her boyfriend, and the role would eventually be taken on by Billy Hoffman. Hoffman did not know Amy personally, but they had mutual friends that put the two in touch.

The murder would also involve two of Amy’s friends at the time, Jennifer Kellog and David Ashbury. The two friends would also receive jail terms for their involvement.

How long will Amy Lynn Preasmyer be in prison?

The sentence was passed down that Amy would spend life in prison. Her parole situation would be looked at in subsequent years.

Who is Amy Lynn Preasmyer’s daughter?

Amy was fifteen weeks pregnant at the time of the murder, and she would go on to give birth to a daughter who she named Kayleigh.

Amy would be convicted of conspiracy to murder, murder, and solicitation to murder in 2007, so her daughter would be raised by her four grandparents, who would raise her and share custody.

What happened to Billy Hoffman?

After his arrest, Hoffman would soon admit to the murder, and at the trial, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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