10 Games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance you must play

June 6, 2023 (Last updated: June 12, 2023)
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10 Games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance you must play

We discuss 10 games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance you must play. Add these well-recommended games to your gaming library.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an ambitious role-playing game (RPG) set in 1403 Bohemia. It painstakingly makes the experience as true to history as possible, with none of the hard edges sanded off for modern convenience. Players assume the role of Henry, the son of a blacksmith, during the middle of a war.

Developed by Warhorse Studios and co-published by Deep Silver in 2018, the game was praised for its commitment to historical accuracy, both in its gameplay and world. But some of the systems were criticized for being overbearing and needlessly difficult to use, like the save system. The game was also released in a buggy state, which didn’t help.

If you’re looking for more games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, here are ten games like it you must play.

10 Games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)

Set in a fictional world based on Slavic mythology, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sees Geralt of Rivia search for his adopted daughter Ciri, who is on the run from the otherworldy beings known as the Wild Hunt. But that’s only the campaign in this massive open-world game full of beasts to kill, excellent side-quests, and many locations to visit.

Assassin’s Creed franchise (2007-ongoing)

Set in several explorable historical settings (with varying degrees of accuracy), Assassin’s Creed undoubtedly helped to drive open-world games to their well-known status today.

Throughout the franchise, players control a member of the Assassins, a group sworn to fight the Knights Templar and stop them from getting powerful relics made by The First Civilisation. Kill the targets in many different ways, whether that’s open combat or stealthily getting the drop of them with the iconic hidden blade.

Dark Souls franchise (2011-2016)

If gamers are looking for even more punishing combat, then they shouldn’t look any further than the nail-biting difficulty of the Dark Souls franchise. Set in a dark, medieval fantasy world, players fight bosses that don’t hesitate to crush them again, and again, and again, until eventually the player eventually learns the attack patterns and executes a perfect kill.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is widely recognized as one of the best open-world RPGs out there, even over ten years after its release. Players design their perfect character, who is thrust into the world on their way to being executed.

After they escape, gamers find this massive world full of different quests to kill dragons and decide the fate of the war between the Stormcloaks and the Imperial Legion.

Red Dead Redemption franchise (2004-2019)

Set in the closing moments of the Wild West era in the US, Red Dead Redemption sees players take on a vast open world and interact with memorable characters.

They’ll play John Marston in Red Dead Redemption and Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 as they come to terms with the decline of the Old West.

Shadow of the Colossus (2018)

A remake of the 2004 game Shadow of the Colossus, the game has the player hunt out giant beings called Colossi in a remote area. The colossi aren’t traditional boss fights but instead resemble a puzzle that’s different for each of the 16 giants.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (2022)

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is an RPG focused on strategy and action. Set in the medieval era, the game has players engage in diplomacy, craft, and trade items and conquer new lands. Raise armies and siege engines to take to war and command and fight alongside your troops in massive battles.

Dragon Age franchise (2009-ongoing)

Dragon Age is created by BioWare, developers of the legendary Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Dragon Age is a fantasy RPG set in the fictional world of Thedas (which creatively stands for The Dragon Age Setting), letting players shape their character, picking their species and class, with dialogue choices affecting gameplay.

For Honor (2017)

Who would win in a fight, Vikings, knights, or samurai? For Honor is a game that answers that question, taking each of the factions and pitting them against each other with a problematic combat system. For those that liked the difficulty of Kingdom Come Deliverance and its historical setting, For Honor is a must-play.

Mordhau (2019)

A multiplayer medieval slasher, Mordhau sees players create a mercenary and take them through faced-paced combat, castle sieges, cavalry charges, and more. There’s an emphasis on hand-to-hand combat in the game, but there are also ranged weapons, siege engines to build, and horses to ride.

Do you have any other recommendations for games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance? Let us know in the comments below.

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