The Clearing Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Who confesses to kidnapping Sara?

June 7, 2023 (Last updated: June 28, 2023)
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The Clearing Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Who confesses to kidnapping Sara?


“The Foundlings” is a fantastically written but deeply disturbing episode that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This recap of the Hulu series The Clearing Season 1 Episode 4, “The Foundlings,” contains spoilers.

The aftermath of the raid of The Kindred household is highlighted in episode four of The Clearing. We get answers to many questions, including who confesses to the kidnapping of Sara, what role Anton is playing in the present day and the possibility of the rebirth of The Kindred.

The Clearing Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

All of the kids from The Kindred are at the hospital getting a once over their entire bodies. At the hospital, Colin informs Joe that Matriah has fled customs without any flags. Joe realizes that someone tipped her off.

Did Henrik take Sara home?

Joe heads into Amy’s hospital room to ask if she recognizes the girl in the picture and whether it is Sara. She hesitates to speak as Anton sits in the room with her. Joe mentions that she wrote about Sara in her journal that Henrik told her he took her home. Joe reveals that Henrick never took Sara home and needs her help to find her.

Dr. Lathan to Hannah and Henrik are being questioned about the kids, Matriah and Sara, by Joe and Colin. None of them gives pertinent information about the case or admits to anything.

What does the letter that Matriah sent Joe say?

“And on you is this curse until the day of recompense.” — Surah Al-Hijr Verse 35.

Social services are trying to reunite the kids from The Kindred with their biological parents. However, Anton and Amy claim to be the kids of Matriah, but she refuses her rights to them and makes them go to the state.

Freya heads to the jail to visit Henrik. Henrik said he’d waited a long time for her visit. She asks him if he has been in contact with Matriah, and he says it’s been 22 years and not one visit from anyone. She asks him the truth about what happened to Sara, and he flips out, saying she doesn’t want to know the truth.

Anton shows up at Freya’s doorstep, and she allows him to come in and hang out with her and Billy. He lies to her, saying that he hasn’t seen Mom yet. Anton thanks her for looking out for her but also is upset that he never got any piece of the pie as she did. Freya and Max were supposed to sit down for lunch, but she didn’t show up, and Freya was worried that she wanted nothing to do with her.

After Freya tells Billy that Wayne is his father, she takes him to the soccer field to spend time together.

Who does Freya think kidnapped the missing kid?

While visiting Matriah, Freya realizes that Anton is now living with her. During her visit, she sees the man folding up a jacket she recognized from a police video. She steps outside to rewatch the video and sees it’s the same jacket and now believes that Anton is the one who kidnapped the missing kid.

As Joe begins to investigate Anton, the missing girl Carrie Anderson is found in the woods, and while Freya is relieved, she is still sure there is more to it.

The Clearing Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Who confesses to kidnapping Sara?

Henrik heads to the police station and confesses to the kidnapping of Sara. He tells them he wanted a daughter, and The Kindred had nothing to do with the abduction.

The episode ends with us seeing Dr. Lathan preaching about reopening their world when Anton walks in, and we see that he has Billy with him.

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