Who is Jamila Sozahdah? Explained

June 8, 2023 (Last updated: June 13, 2023)
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Who is Jamila Sozahdah

Who is Jamila Sozahdah? We discuss the reality star and the 2023 Hulu series Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs.

Do you know what a drip doctor is? No, neither did I. Every day is a school day here at Ready Steady Cut. Here is a quick explanation.

A drip is used in medical situations when something needs to go straight into your bloodstream. A needle goes into the vein, and whatever must be administered can be quickly sent intravenously through the body’s system.

It means that medicine can be given without the patient needing to take it orally, and it is beneficial for people that require hydration, pain relief, or medication.

Now a drip doctor is someone that can administer vitamin therapy and regenerative medicines to clients who book in for a treatment.

The benefits of such a practice include helping with hydration, making you less stressed, and helping your athletic ability. In recent years it has become a popular go-to self-help therapy life hack that many celebrities and sports people have taken on board.

One such drip doctor is the focus of this article, so get yourself ready, as we will answer the question of who is Jamila Sozahdah with surgical precision.

Who is Jamila Sozahdah?

Jamila is one of the siblings featured in the Hulu reality series Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs. The show features a group of ten Muslim American sisters that are all driven and ambitious, and we follow there day to day lives and loves as they make their way in a modern world.

Jamila is one of the sisters featured in the show, and her family values family and culture very highly.

Jamila is medically trained and is a board-certified Physician Associate in Los Angeles, California. Using her medical training and experience, Jamila became interested in helping others by administering vitamins through a drip.

The process caught the imagination of everyone, and Jamila started receiving a lot of column inches in publications such as People and Vanity Fair. Jamila is the 7th born of 10 daughters.

What does Jamila Sozahdah do?

Jamila is what is known as a drip doctor and is also a bit of an entrepreneur. Her medical training led her to specialize in IV vitamin therapy, and the process became very popular, especially in LA, with celebrities, athletes, and influencers. Jamila also has a keen interest in cosmetics.

Jamila co-founded Drip Doctors and will whip up a cocktail of the most vitamins that clients need, then administer them to the client.

The business is also very mobile, meaning that clients can receive the treatment in the comfort of their own homes.

Is Jamila Sozahdah married?

Jamila is married to another doctor; however, it seems the couple is estranged, and there have been a lot of legal upsets between the two over the business they were involved in.

What is Drip Doctors?

Jamila co-founded Drip Doctor, a company that would deliver intravenous vitamins and minerals to people who thought this process would help their lifestyle. However, despite the surge in popularity that the process achieved, making it very lucrative, some friction would arise over the company.

A statement on Trellis would explain, “On December 13, 2019, Plaintiff/Cross-Defendant Jamila Sozahdah (“Sozahdah”) filed an employment action against her former employer Drip Doctors, Inc. (“DDI”), Drip Doctors Holdings, Inc. (“DDH”) and her supervisor and estranged husband Dr. Anthony Ho (“Ho”), alleging that she was wrongfully terminated as CEO of Drip Entities.”

There was also a scandal centered around Jamila and French professional soccer player Amir Nasri in 2016.

The Sun would report on Nasri visiting Jamila for treatment, but a hacked Twitter account would lead to all kinds of alleged scandals being uncovered.

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