Will there be a Bloodhounds Season 2 on Netflix?

June 10, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Will there be a Bloodhounds Season 2 on Netflix?

This article discusses the possibility of Bloodhounds Season 2 on Netflix and the renewed or canceled status of the K-Drama series. It may contain some spoilers for the first season.

Bloodhounds is a Netflix K-Drama based on the webtoon Sanyanggaedeul by Jung Chan, set in 2020 and revolving largely around the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following two talented boxers Gun-woo (Woo Do-hwan) and Woo-jin (Lee Sang-yi), both former Marines, the plot sees these firm friends team up against the predatory moneylending organization Smile Capital, which is led by Kim Myeong-gil (Park Sung-woong) and targets Gun-woo’s mother with a crippling loan.

Here’s a quote from our review:

Bloodhounds lives and dies on its action. Most episodes include at least a couple of cool set pieces – everything from fisticuffs to car chases, and the choreography is very good at worst and sometimes even exceptional. Gun-woo and Woo-jin utilize superior skill in a recognizable art form to fight back against overwhelming numbers, and you can tell that attention has been paid to the technical credibility of these sequences. You can imagine boxing gym sign-ups skyrocketing after this.

Fans may well be wondering about the show’s potential future after its debut season, so here’s everything we know:

Will there be a Bloodhounds Season 2 on Netflix?

Renewed or canceled status: TBC

At the time of writing, Bloodhounds has not been renewed for a second season and it’s unlikely that this will change.

Renewals are rare in the K-Drama world, typically reserved for extraordinary circumstances like the monumental success of Squid Game. In situations where K-Dramas have gone on for multiple seasons, reception has been mixed, such as with Love (Ft. Marriage and Divorce) and Alchemy of Souls.

Bloodhounds doesn’t lend itself well to a continuation. It tells a relatively complete story and, in the end, the major plot points and character arcs are all resolved. The Bloodhounds Season 1 ending is conclusive enough that it wouldn’t make much artistic sense to continue the story, despite the likeability of the characters.

It’s also unlikely that the show will be an enormous success thanks to its more specific genre focus — it’s mostly an action showcase, with a relatively light and predictable plot — and the story’s reliance on the Covid-19 pandemic, which some still find off-putting in their entertainment.

As ever we’ll update this article with any new information as we get it, but our official prediction is that Bloodhounds will not be renewed for Season 2.

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1 thought on “Will there be a Bloodhounds Season 2 on Netflix?

  • June 10, 2023 at 2:37 pm

    Fabulous series! Looking forward to Bloodhounds Season 2! Great plot, excellent acting!

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