10 Games like Days Gone you must play

June 19, 2023
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10 Games like Days Gone you must play

We discuss 10 games like Days Gone you must play. Add these well-recommended games to your gaming library.

Days Gone is a 2019 open-world title developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony. Players control Deacon St. John in a zombie-infested America, who undergoes a quest to find his missing wife. It’s a title where you’ll shoot, perform stealth and ride a motorcycle through the wastes, searching for answers.

Games set in a post-apocalypse, especially a zombie apocalypse, are quite common, with several critically-acclaimed and critically-panned titles. If you’re looking for some post-apocalypse games to have fun in, here are ten games like Days Gone you must play.

10 Games like Days Gone

Dying Light (2015)

Dying Light is set during a zombie apocalypse in the Middle East, and has players control agent Kyle Crane as he shoots and parkours his way to answers.

It features a dynamic day-night cycle, where during the day zombies are slow and clumsy, making them much easier for players to deal with, but during the night are extremely aggressive and thus more dangerous.

The Last of Us franchise (2013-2020)

Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed franchise follows Joel and Ellie, two survivors of a severe fungal infection as they make their way to try and find a cure. The story for the first game is universally loved, with a more controversial second part in 2020.

Players will interact with the world from a third-person perspective, with shooting sections, and challenges to overcome in this relentlessly bleak world.

State of Decay 2 (2018)

State of Decay 2 takes the zombie genre and adds a building mechanic to it, where not only will players have to scavenge for resources to survive, but they will be using them to build and protect their very own community. They do this by creating a base with watchtowers, medical bays, kitchens, and all manner of other buildings.

The Walking Dead: Season One (2012)

Telltale’s signature graphic adventure narrative gameplay is applied to The Walking Dead franchise, based on the comic book and zombie apocalypse of the same name. Most of the story and characters are new to the game, allowing Telltale to create a new story.

Dialogue choices, and quick time events all affect the story and track over the course of the game, so each player will have a different tale to tell.

Fallout 4 (2015)

Turning to another game set in a different post-apocalypse, Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is set after a nuclear war. The player takes control of the Sole Survivor from Vault 111 and his search for his infant son.

But that search really isn’t that important, as players will be immediately distracted by hoarding everything that isn’t nailed down, exploring the open world, and getting their own set of customized power armor to rule the wastes.

Far Cry New Dawn (2019)

Far Cry New Dawn is set 17 years after the ending of Far Cry 5, where Hope County has experienced a nuclear explosion. The player leads the fight against the Highwaymen, as they attempt to steal the remaining resources.

This is a short conclusion to Far Cry 5 and has many of the familiar first-person base-raiding antics players are used to from the series.

Mad Max (2015)

An open-world sandbox set in the Mad Max universe of gas guzzlers and gangs, the game has players performing cool car combat in a desert wasteland full of caves and canyons.

The main goal here is to find the Plains of Silence, a land where Max hopes he can finally have peace.

Horizon Zero Dawn (2017)

Combining dinosaurs with robots for an instantly cool combo, Horizon Zero Dawn follows Aloy, a young woman who sets out to uncover her past, and what happened before the world experienced its apocalypse. Set in an open world with the usual side quests and activities, play the game that has you take down dinobots with a spear and bow and arrow.

Resident Evil franchise (1996-ongoing)

A franchise that consists of third and first-person titles and a survival horror feel, Resident Evil has several games that will keep them up at night. It introduces players to The Umbrella Corporation, who make viruses that constantly get loose and start mutating things into horrible nightmares that the player has to deal with throughout.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 (2019)

A third-person action RPG looter shooter, The Division 2 is set in the aftermath of a genetically engineered virus known as the Green Poison being unleashed and has players attempting to rebuild society.

It’s a co-op shooter, with up to four players taking on missions at a time, using a variety of snipers, assault rifles, submachine guns, and explosives of different rarities to complete their objective.

Do you have any other recommendations for Games like Days Gone? Let us know in the comments below!

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