10 Games like Project Zomboid you must play

June 19, 2023
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10 Games like Project Zomboid you must play

We discuss 10 games like Project Zomboid you must play. Add these well-recommended games to your gaming library.

Project Zomboid is an isometric title released in 2013 and developed by The Indie Stone. It sees players attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse, set in an open-ended sandbox.

The game has many things to consider, not just hunger and thirst meters, but also making sure the character’s mental health is kept in check, the electricity is kept on and overall surviving the horde as long as possible.

Zombie games are immensely popular, with the apocalypse spanning across all genres of gaming. If you’re a fan of the undead and the idea of the apocalypse in general, here are 10 games like Project Zomboid you must play.

10 Games like Project Zomboid

The Last Stand: Aftermath (2021)

A roguelite adventure, The Last Stand: Aftermath has players infected by the zombie virus, for which there is no cure. But instead of giving up and becoming a brain-dead husk of themselves, the player can still make a difference by helping the other survivors in the post-apocalypse.

When the player inevitably dies, they’ll become a brand new survivor, with the perks and upgrades from their last run carrying over.

State of Decay 2 (2018)

A zombie survival title with an emphasis on gathering resources, State of Decay 2 sees players building up and managing a base to form their very own community. Done from a third-person perspective, players will need to allocate resources well by building watchtowers and other defenses else they could see their hard work be overrun by the zombie horde.

SurrounDead (2022)

An open-world survival game, SurrounDead takes place at a time when a virus has ravaged the land and the dead roam free, stopping at nothing to kill the player or anyone else to enlarge their ranks. Players are left to loot the world for supplies, barricade themselves in buildings to keep them alive, and trade with any survivors they find.

They Are Billions (2019)

A steampunk take on the zombie post-apocalypse, They Are Billions is a strategy game that sees players building and defending colonies in an attempt to survive against the horde of the infected, one that’s billions strong. The few remaining humans must hold out against this annihilating force, developing new technology and fighting them with the Imperial Army.

Atom Zombie Smasher (2011)

A real-time strategy game, Atom Zombie Smasher has players take control of military and helicopter units, and has them rescue as many citizens as they can find before they fall prey to the undead. The city and the different events that happen through each game are created through procedural generation, making this game effortlessly replayable.

Surviving the Aftermath (2019)

A city-building game set in the post-apocalypse, Surviving the Aftermath sees players build a colony in a time where resources are scarce, but opportunity is high! With several starting apocalypses to choose from, each affecting the game’s overall difficulty, players scavenge for loot and disaster-proof their base before another apocalypse strikes.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation (2018)

Swapping out a zombie-filled world for a demon-filled one, Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation has players building bases, scavenging for resources, and practicing dark rituals to send the demons back to where they came from.

They’ll also be helping survivors through this hellish new world, and researching new technologies to rebuild the world after this post-apocalypse.

Darkwood (2017)

A survival horror title, Darkwood has players trapped in a forest somewhere in the Polish People’s Republic during the Soviet era. By day, players will need to find resources, craft weapons and explore the randomly generated woods, and at night they will need to quickly find shelter and barricade themselves inside, hiding from the horrors that lurk in the forest.

Dead Estate (2021)

A fast-paced roguelike, players have to escape a monster-filled mansion using the guns and items that can be found throughout the house. But be warned, die at any point and players will be sent right back to the start and will have to try and escape all over again.

State of Surival: Zombie War (2019)

Set six months after the zombie apocalypse began and war engulfed the planet, humans have been struggling to survive and fighting the zombie horde. Players can now take the fight to the undead with their friends in this role-playing game, creating alliances, helping the government rebuild the city, and shooting their way out of the apocalypse with a variety of guns.

Do you have any other recommendations for games like Project Zomboid? Let us know in the comments below!

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