What is the WHAM! documentary on Netflix?

June 28, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Wham! Documentary on Netflix

What is the WHAM! documentary on Netflix? We discuss the pop group, Wham! and news of a new documentary about the group.

If you are of a particular age, you will know of the cultural influence that Andrew Ridgley and George Michael had.

The bad boy duo would form Wham!, a brightly colored pop explosion that would make their initial appearance on BBC’s long-running music show Top of the Pops.

Along with backing singers and dancers Pepsi and Shirley, Wham! would embark on a roller coaster ride of catchy sing-a-long tunes and day-glow promotional videos that would brighten up the bleak UK landscape and offer an exciting whimsical musical oasis, filled with tropical night clubs and young guns.

It’s hard to imagine that between 1982 and 1986, Wham! would go on to become one of the biggest pop phenomena in the world, breaking Japan and America and selling over thirty million records worldwide.

George and Andrew would later go their separate ways, and George would pursue a more insightful solo career, creating some of the most memorable and fantastic songs the world has ever known.

The legacy of Wham! is hard to dismiss, and fans are excited that there may be some news on the way about the group and its history, so if you are looking for information on that story, I’m your man.

Is there going to be a documentary on WHAM! on Netflix?

Yes, there certainly is, and we are hoping it will be everything we want. A new Netflix documentary is taking a look at the rise to stardom of the unlikely pair of friends, and fans of Wham! are hoping the show will make it big and take them to the edge of Heaven.

Andrew has been doing some interviews and press junkets for the show, and it is good to know that he is on board with the documentary and seems happy with the final product.

George would very sadly pass in December 2016, and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Andrew would say, “I have no doubt that George would recognize [it] as being as close to our experience of that wonderful chapter in our lives, as any account might be.”

When will WHAM! the Netflix documentary be released?

The documentary will be released on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023.

The documentary film will be feature-length and will have a runtime of 92 minutes.

What can we expect from the WHAM! Documentary?

You can expect to see the story of Andrew and George and everyone else that was in their orbit, charting their rise to fame from teenage friends to worldwide megastars.

The official stance on Tudum states, WHAM! tells the story of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s rise to fame with never-before-seen footage and previously unheard interviews, much of it from the duo’s personal archives. The film explores the ups and downs of their lives, using their own words to narrate the four-year journey from high school besties to international superstars.”

Fans may also be interested to know that the documentary is having a limited release theatrically, and you may be able to wake up and go-go to a screening of the show on the big screen on June 27th, 2023, but it’s for one night only so set your alarm.

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