Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

July 14, 2023 (Last updated: July 28, 2023)
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Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

We discuss predictions for the Crunchyroll anime series Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 3, including the release date and where to watch online.

In the present, it’s no secret that Gojo (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura) and Geto (voiced by Takahiro Sakurai) are some of the most gifted sorcerers of their generation, but that much seems to be true for their past as well.

Episode two gives viewers the chance to see even more of them in their prime while also providing more insight into their friendship.

Along with their past, this episode sheds more light on Megumi’s (voiced by Yuma Uchida) past through the use of his father, Toji Fushiguro.

It seems there are a lot more to these characters than we’ve seen in season one, and it’s been interesting to see just how this arc leads us to the present day.

  • In the destroyed apartment, Geto sits on the couch across from the Star Plasma Vessel.
  • Q member Kokun begs for mercy while being attacked by a cursed spirit.
  • He says Q member Bayer will come after them if he is harmed, but then Geto receives a picture from Gojo showing he’s already defeated Bayer.
  • Toji is betting at the race track when Shiu Kong from the Star Religious Group comes to check on his progress.
  • Toji says he cannot just go up against Gojo and is attempting to wear him down first.
  • As Toji loses the bet, Kong asks how his son, Megumi, is doing, but Toji has zero recollection of who that is.
  • Upon waking up in his arms, the Star Plasma Vessel immediately attacks Gojo.
  • Riko’s caretaker, Misato Kuroi, assures her that Gojo and Geto are not her attackers.
  • Riko explains that she in Tengen are one and the same and that she will not lose her soul after joining him, but neither boy seem to be listening.
  • Gojo and Geto are instructed to fill all of Riko’s demands, including allowing her to attend school.
  • Kong looks at a bounty placed on the internet by Toji for Riko’s body, dead or alive.
  • Gojo, Geto, and Kuroi realize Riko is in danger and rush to find her.
  • Toji is scolded for placing a bounty on Riko instead of killing her himself. However, he says he still needs to wear Gojo down as he wields two powerful cursed techniques and knows the bounty hunters won’t be able to kill Riko with Gojo around anyway.
  • Gojo rescues Riko from class as Geto and Kuroi take on potential attackers.
  • Gojo and Riko are also attacked, but Gojo easily takes down the assailant.
  • The episode ends with Riko receiving a picture of Kuroi tied up.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date and Time

Episode 3 will be released on Crunchyroll on Thursday, July 20th, 2023, at 1:00 p.m. ET. Episode 3 is titled “Hidden Inventory 3” and will have a run time of approximately 23 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers can watch Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 3 with a subscription to Crunchyroll on the date mentioned above.


Honestly, guessing that Gojo would defeat his Q opponent last week was almost too easy. It seemed even Geto had an easier time than I thought, but now that we know more about Toji’s plan, it seems things could soon become more difficult for the pair as they try to deliver Riko to Jujutsu High.

  • With Kuroi captured, we have to wonder if Geto has also been captured. I find it hard to believe the enemy would only take her, and I have a feeling we may see that he’s been kidnapped right alongside her.
  • It seems Gojo is the most focused on just carrying out the mission. With that being said, I could see him prioritizing getting Riko to Jujutsu High before even attempting to save Kuroi or Geto.

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