Who is Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle Season 5?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: July 15, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
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Who is Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Who is Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot to Handle Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular Netflix reality series.

The hit Netflix reality series is back with its fifth season of hot contestants.

It’s a strong cast with a unique personality set that makes this season fun to watch!

The show revolves around a group of adults controlled by a traffic cone-shaped virtual assistant named Lana. The rules are that you can’t engage in intimate moments with other housemates, or they will lose money from the jackpot.

There are hot singles who don’t know what commitment is, so it heats up in the house. Elys Hutchinson is one to keep your eye on this season because of her athleticism and calmness. She has accomplished so much so quickly that even getting to know her this season will make a lasting impact.

Who is Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot To Handle Season 5? 

Elys Hutchinson may look like a blonde bombshell, but she is much more than that. She may look older than she is, but she is only 23 years old. She can hold her own with the older contestants on the show with how mature she is.

Elys’ Instagram bio says a lot about her. She is a fashion model, a ski instructor in the winter, and then on the reality show Too Hot To Handle in the summer. It already gives off a cheeky nature to show off her personality.

Even her follower count is excessive and insane when you know she’s only 23. She has 26,100 followers, which means she got to that number really fast OR started when she was younger. Either way, it’s impressive for an influencer with only 900 posts.

Where is Elys Hutchinson from? 

It was hard to place where Elys is from, and we find out she is half British and half Swiss. It’s a nice mix of cultures from the UK and Switzerland, and that’s why she has become one of the more exciting contestants on the show.

Elys is from two gorgeous places, which also means she loves traveling. She has visited Ibiza and Mallorca. She is well-versed and well-traveled and knows how to party. She uses her Instagram as a travel diary, which generates a lot of traffic. People always want to know the best spots, and because she goes everywhere, it helps her brand.

What does Elys Hutchinson do for work?

Elys is all about being sporty and very athletic. So it’s no surprise that she is a ski instructor. To add to her resume, she is also a model, and going on a reality show like Too Hot To Handle makes the most sense for her brand to grow.

Being a ski instructor in the winter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re locked in on one location. Elys can go anywhere that offers her services, which adds to her traveling. On top of that, it seems that she has a professional photographer going with her because of the amazing quality of her photos. She knows what her followers want and how to work that Instagram algorithm.

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