When will Barbie (2023) be on Streaming?

July 20, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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When will Barbie (2023) be available to stream

When will Barbie (2023) be on Streaming? We discuss when the new Warner Bros. Discovery film will be released on their streaming service, Max. 

The wait is finally over; Barbie arrives in cinemas with all its pink glory. It’s taken the world by storm with its viral marketing campaign that saw life-sized Barbie doll-houses and Barbie-themed Xbox consoles. Now the release date is imminent, this excitement has reached a fever pitch. 

But for those who want to watch the film at home, the wait will, unfortunately, be a few months longer. This is because the film will remain in cinemas for an exclusive period before the studio distributing it, Warner Bros. Discovery, releases it on streaming services.

There are no models for when films come to streaming. Each of them is on a case-by-case basis, making predictions hard.

When will Barbie (2023) be on Streaming?

Warner Bros. Discovery hasn’t revealed the release date for when Barbie will hit streaming, but looking back at their past releases, audiences can get a rough idea of when the film might be released online. 

The last two Warner films to release on Max were Evil Dead Rise and Shazam! Fury of the Gods came onto the service 63 days and 67 days, respectively, after their cinematic release.

If Barbie follows a similar release pattern and comes 65 days later, the film could arrive on Max around September 24. 

Of course, if Barbie is a box office smash, Warner might delay putting the film onto streaming so it can continue to make a profit in cinemas. The film might not be available to stream in this scenario until much later in the year. 

Where will Barbie be available to stream?

As the film Barbie is distributed by Warner Bros. Discovery, it will arrive on their streaming service, Max. This is the same platform where audiences can view the DC films and the hit series The Last of Us.

The film won’t be available to stream anywhere else, meaning audiences will have to subscribe to Max if they want to watch the film on streaming.

What is Barbie about?

The Barbie film has taken the world by storm, spawning endless memes, TikToks, and crossovers with the other film releasing on the same day, Oppenheimer.

It’s directed by Greta Gerwig and is an adaptation of the Mattel line of fashion dolls. Margot Robbie will star as the titular Barbie, and Ryan Gosling will be her Ken, but there will be a range of other Barbies and Kens in the film.

The synopsis for the film explains that Barbie and Ken are living their lives in the gorgeous pink world of Barbie Land, but when they get a chance to go to the real world, they discover the perils and joys of being with humans. 

The film will have a touch of existentialism, as Robbie’s Barbie contemplates death in the trailer, showing that the movie is more than just girly fun. But those dark themes won’t weigh the film down, as the trailers are full of positive Kenergy. There are several jokes to be had and even some innuendos. It’s a film that will have something for everyone.

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