Will there be a Ken Spin-Off Movie after the Barbie Movie?

July 22, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Will there be a Ken Spin-Off Movie after the Barbie Movie?

Will there be a Ken Spin-Off Movie after the Barbie Movie? We discuss the chances of Ryan Gosling’s breakout character getting his spin-off film. There will be spoilers for the Barbie movie. 

Ryan Gosling had clear Kenergy throughout the Barbie movie, starting as a lowly background figure in Barbie’s life, learning about the patriarchy, briefly turning the Barbieworld into his Kendom, but ending the movie learning that he can be his own person and not tie his self-worth to being with Barbie.

It’s a hilarious tale with profound lessons, and his song and dance-off with Simu Liu’s Ken were inspired.

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Gosling’s character is the clear standout from the film, from an already highly performing cast. But while he’s only a supporting member in the Barbie film, he could star in his own spin-off movie, showing more of his talent.

There are several places a potential Ken movie could go, which would likely be very successful.

Will there be a Ken spin-off movie after the Barbie Movie?

Gosling’s Ken has captured the attention of everyone watching the film with his acting, so, understandably, some are clamoring for more of the character. But neither Warner Bros. Discovery nor Mattel has announced a Ken spin-off or a Barbie 2, so it will have to remain a wish for now.

According to an earlier rumor from insider Daniel Richtman, Gosling has already signed on to star in a Ken spin-off. If this is the case, audiences might be looking at a Ken movie sooner rather than later, but this is just a rumor for the moment.

But if Barbie manages to be as successful at the box office as it has been on social media, then Mattel and Warner would likely want to make more of these films, hoping to repeat their success.

What could a Ken spin-off be about?

At the end of the first Barbie movie, Ken learns there’s value in being his own person and not tying his identity to being in a relationship with Barbie. To symbolize his growth as a character, he gets his very own hoodie with the words “I am Kenough” on it.

But there’s more to show in this story, as Ken’s journey of self-discovery and exploration of his place could take him across different worlds, learning to reject the patriarchy and even help to fight it. He could meet more Kens as he goes on this mission and get a clearer angle on his job, which is just beach.

Simu Liu’s Ken and Kingsley Ben-Adir’s Ken could join him on this trip and make it a campy bromance movie. The relationship between all three characters was a fantastic part of Barbie, and a Ken spin-off could expand on this further.

A Ken project would also be a great way to connect to the Hot Wheels movie in development because Ken could get his own Hot Wheels racer to zoom around. Something that a Ken spin-off should avoid is giving the character a girlfriend, however, as that would undermine the lessons Ken learned in this film. Ken should stay single and be Ken.

Will there be a Barbie 2?

Instead of a Ken spin-off, Mattel might opt to do a full sequel to the Barbie movie with Warner and include everyone’s favorite Ken going on his journey there. It could also show how Barbie gets on in the real world, learning to be a real woman in a world of patriarchy, and she lives her life regardless of that. Audiences could see how all the other Barbies and Kens are doing in Barbieland and how they’ve reconciled after the Ken takeover.

However, Mattel might have enough on their plate as they are developing over 40 other movies based on their toys, especially if they plan a sprawling toy cinematic universe.

How a potential Barbie 2 and a Ken spin-off is unknown, and it will remain so until Mattel unveils more of its plans.

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