Head to Head Ending Explained – how do Latifa and Darwish rescue the hostages?

August 4, 2023
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2023 Netflix movie Head to Head Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix movie Head to Head, which will contain significant spoilers and plot twists.

The Saudi Netflix film Head to Head revolves around two main characters. One is Darwish, a vulnerable and deeply lovesick chauffeur who wants to marry his girlfriend, Latifa. However, his actions create a rift between her and her father. For one, he sends a distressing picture with a gun to his head, expressing his inability to live without her.

The other does not approve of Darwish, his career, or his underwhelming social status. Luckily for Darwish, love doesn’t have a bank account. His girlfriend proposes that they should elope to Britain to be together. Since he cannot afford the ticket, she will buy them both.

Head to Head Ending Explained

The other character is Fayadh, a lowlife mechanic infamous for stripping cars for parts without remorse. He’s about to be fired after robbing a luxury vehicle of parts for two weeks when the repair was just a simple tail light.

However, a twist of fate finds his boss fired, and Fayadh takes over his position from the owner’s lazy son.

However, his first day on the job goes differently than planned. Fayadh assigns Darwish to pick up his boss’s father. However, Darwish accidentally picks up the notorious King of Diamonds, who has just been released from a Russian prison.

At the same time, a new chauffeur, on his first day, picks up Fayadh’s boss’s father.

He delivers him to the Jack of Diamonds, the infamous crime lord and son of the former Russian prisoner.

How does the King of Diamonds die in Head to Head?

The King of Diamonds dies of an apparent complication from diabetes. Fayadh gives him some Candy before delivering the King of Diamonds to his son. Not knowing he suffered from the disease, the sensitive driver thought nothing of it. Right before Fayadh is about to hand him over, he finds him dead and foaming at the mouth.

While not explicitly stated, the older adult man most likely died of diabetic ketoacidosis. According to the CDC, this “is a serious complication of diabetes that can be life-threatening. DKA develops when your body doesn’t have enough insulin to allow blood sugar into your cells for use as energy.”

Who was the King of Diamonds?

The deceased man was a notorious crime lord who stole a rare Fabergé egg from the Russian Mafia. He offered the antique to his son, who offered it to the Mayor of Bathaikha so he could marry his daughter, Nuwayyer. After marrying his daughter and starting a family, the Jack of Diamonds became the Mayor’s deputy. However, the crime boss killed the Mayor, and the city became corrupt.

Nuwayyer, now knowing she married an evil man, turned her husband’s father into the Russian Mafia and told them about the jeweled egg. The son, now known as the Jack of Diamonds, was enraged over his wife’s actions.

According to legend, he went crazy and killed his wife by “blowing her brains out.”

How does Abbound help Darwish and Fayadh?

Darwish and Fayadh locate a spy named Abboud, who will help them break into the Jack of Diamon’s home. It turns out the notorious crime lord killed Abboud’s brother, who was the one who lost the King of Diamonds at the airport. Seeking revenge, he plans on breaking in and seeking revenge for his brother’s death.

That means Abboud plans on killing the Jack of Diamonds. He devises a plan to have Darwish and Fayadh take part, turning off the power, that sort of thing. When they enter, they can rescue and bring their boss’s father back to safety.

However, after Abboud frees the Jack of Diamonds captives, they are caught because Darwish is frozen while waiting in the getaway car.

Who is the Jack of Diamonds’ daughter?

Darwish’s girlfriend, Latifa, is the daughter of the Jack of Diamonds. When Latifa told Darwish her father disapproved of him, she talked about the crime lord of Bathaikha. While waiting in the car, Darwish sees Latifa walk by her, and they lock eyes.

It turns out that Latifa stole the Russian egg from her father’s safe, so they had some seed money to run away together.

However, after driving away, Darwish is offended by how hypocritical her father is—a criminal, looking down upon him as an insect. After leaving her on the side of the road, Latifa catches up to him and saves him from a criminal named Lughman. She pays him off, and they devise a plan to distract her father from the hostages.

How do Latifa and Darwish rescue the hostages?

Latifa has Lughman and Ghadra drop off the King of Diamonds’ body at the drug factory, causing a distraction so Latifa and Darwish can free the hostage. The Jack of Diamonds and his entire team race to their place of business and discover that his father has died. That’s when the crime lord’s hired muscle finds a bomb in Ghadra’s car. The explosion kills everyone, including Latifa’s father.

However, Latifa’s father survived. He catches her trying to leave him and is about to shoot her. However, Darwish saves her by killing him with his gun. Latifa and Darwish then marry.

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