The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

August 11, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

We discuss predictions for the Prime Video series The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 and include the release date and where to watch online.

“Love Affair” is the penultimate episode of season two. In this emotional installment, Laurel (Jackie Chung) comes to the rescue to save the beach house. This brings up many buried emotions as Belly (Lola Tung) and Laurel finally have a heart-to-heart about their grief.

This leads to the majority of the cast opening up about their own feelings as well.

It’s great to see some genuine emotion from the cast and a very authentic depiction of grief too.

Unfortunately, the series can’t help but include more cliched romance plotting and needless montage scenes to fill out its hour-long running time though.

Here’s what happened in The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2, Episode 7:

  • Laurel travels to Cousins after Belly’s late-night phone call. She is shocked to see the summer house in such a state. Belly and Laurel argue, bringing up their differences and history. Laurel is ashamed of the way Belly handled Susannah’s funeral. While Belly is upset with Laurel for abandoning them all. Laurel slaps Belly.
  • After this argument, Laurel wanders the house. Steven confronts her about the house situation. Laurel thought Julia and Susannah had reached an agreement. Steven is upset she kept it a secret from them all.
  • Laurel apologizes to Belly. They forgive one another and make amends. Laurel then apologizes to the others, agreeing to speak with Julia in person.
  • The kids tidy up while the adults chat. Laurel manages to convince Julia to take the house off of the market.
  • They try to convince Adam to buy the house instead. Laurel and Adam argue. He finally relents and agrees to buy the beach house, selling one of his own houses in the process to cover the cost.
  • Conrad apologizes to Belly. They agree to be friends.
  • Conrad then confesses to Jeremiah about getting into Stanford. The brothers make amends. Jeremiah convinces Conrad to accept the offer. They then help him to study for his final exam.
  • The brothers and Belly drive to Brown for this exam the next day. Jeremiah shows Belly around Finch in the meantime. They both want to go to this college together. The couple then passionately kiss each other. Conrad sees them making out.

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date and Time

Episode 8 will be released on Prime Video on Friday, August 18th, 2023, at 12 a.m. ET. Episode 8 is titled “Love Triangle.”

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 8 with a subscription to Prime Video on the date mentioned above.


  • The season finale is only a week away. I’m expecting plenty of drama as the infamous love triangle is finally addressed once and for all. Conrad will argue with Belly and Jeremiah about their latest kiss. He will feel slighted and stupid. Conrad will admit that he is still in love with Belly.
  • Belly will have to decide who she wants to be with. Maybe she will decide to not be with either of them. That would be the simplest option.
  • Adam will finalize the sale of his own house and the purchase of the beach house. The gang will all reunite for a grand celebration after saving the summer house, gathering on the Fourth of July. Belly will make her mind up at the party. Will she choose Conrad, Jeremiah, or neither of them?

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