Physical Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

September 13, 2023 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Physical Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

We discuss predictions for the Apple TV+ series Physical Season 3 Episode 9, including the release date and where to watch online.

Physical continues to work towards its eagerly anticipated finale. In episode 8, titled “Everybody,” Sheila (Rose Byrne) and Greta (Dierdre Friel) make amends and plan to build their popular business further. Danny (Rory Scovel) traumatizes his daughter Maya (Grace Kelly Quigley) during his own breakdown, and John (Paul Sparks) tries to leave town for good.

The latest installment feels a little rushed, squeezing many plot points into its half-hour run time, but it is also heartbreaking and entertaining in equal amounts. Here’s what happened in Physical Season 3, Episode 8:

  • Sheila and Greta brainstorm ideas for their business now that they’ve agreed to expand the studio. They decide to recruit more fitness instructors and seek out investors.
  • Danny breaks up with Fidelia. She takes it very well, actually relieved that Sheila won’t fire her now. Fidelia talks about how the business is growing and she wants to be a part of their growth.
  • Danny gets drunk, upset by Fidelia’s response. In the middle of the night, he wakes Maya and takes her on a drive. He nearly crashes the car and urges Maya to keep the car accident a secret.
  • Maya acts peculiarly after the accident and Sheila is concerned about her daughter. Danny lies, saying that nothing has happened.
  • Sheila and Greta attempt to acquire a loan for their growing business, but all the banks turn them down. Sheila goes to Maria, hoping the wife will pass the business plan onto John.
  • Danny confesses to Debbie about the car accident, although he can’t help but blame Debbie as well. She decides to leave, believing that she is actually doing more harm than good.
  • Carlos and Sheila argue. Sheila tells Carlos about her affair with John. He leaves.
  • John and Maria discuss Sheila. He suggests that they move to Mexico to start a new life.
  • John informs Sheila of his escape plans. They meet up for a final goodbye and kiss one another. John then notices a light on in the studio. They find Danny and Fidelia having sex inside.

Physical Season 3 Episode 9 Release Date and Time

Episode 9 will be released on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, at 12 a.m. PT. Episode 9 is titled “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” and will have a run time of 30 minutes.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Physical Season 3 Episode 9 with a subscription to Apple TV+ on the date mentioned above.


  • Sheila will fire Fidelia for this secret rendezvous. Danny will admit that he has been secretly dating Fidelia all this time. Sheila will be hurt by all of these revelations and their lies; she will start to backslide because of this betrayal.
  • John decides to call off his Mexico plans; he still has strong feelings for Sheila. This may be the final straw for Maria, though.
  • Greta and Sheila will ask John once again for a loan. Will he help Sheila out now that the Mexico scheme has fallen through?

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