10 Games like MovieStarPlanet you must play

September 18, 2023
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10 Games like MovieStarPlanet you must play

We discuss 10 games like MovieStarPlanet you must play. Add these well-recommended games to your gaming library.

MovieStarPlanet is a 2009 game that lets players dress up their characters, play minigames, and interact with each other. It lets players live out the fantasy of being a movie star and share their creations with fans.

There are many of these simulation games out there, letting players live extravagant lives and customize their characters to their liking. If you liked MovieStarPlanet, here are 10 games like it you must play.

10 Games like MovieStarPlanet

Roblox (2006)

Roblox is a gaming world that allows users to create their own games for other users to play. It bills itself as a social experience, first and foremost, combining gaming, social media, and social commerce into one package. The different games users can create fall into categories such as roleplay, adventure, tycoon simulator, and more.

Stardoll (2004)

Stardoll is a game all about accruing fashion, fame, and friends. Players fill their virtual wardrobe with clothes, get beautiful makeovers, become interior decorators, and hang out with friends. Stardoll allows audiences to express their creativity within the game and engage with different minigames and challenges.

Lady Popular (2009)

A free-to-play mobile game that allows players to create their own character called the Lady, changing their appearance, hairstyle, and makeup. The game also lets players buy an apartment and decorate it. They can cooperate with others in clubs with different missions and challenge others to duels in the fashion arena.

The Sims 4 (2014)

A life simulator, The Sims 4 allows players to customize their own character, get them a job, build their house, and watch them grow and develop. The game also lets players cheat, using the infamous infinite money glitch to get whatever item they want. And if players want to behave like the devil, they can unleash a terrible existence on their sims’ lives.

Second Life (2003)

Second Life allows audiences to create their own avatars and interact with other players in a virtual world. They can explore this world, trade, create user-generated content, and socialize with other people in the world.

SocioTown Uninvited Guests (2011)

A game based on SocioTown, Uninvited Guests follows Tony as he attempts to clear his house of all the guests who have shown up without an invitation. It’s an action roleplaying game with 3D graphics, letting players walk around their homes unhindered.

Animal Crossing New Horizons (2020)

In a real-time social simulation game, players go to a new island in the Animal Crossing franchise after buying a getaway package from the devious raccoon Tom Nook. After he again saddles the player with more debt than they could ever hope to pay off, users can express their creative freedom to shape their island, while interacting with the other animals in the world.

Habbo Hotel (2000)

Set in a hotel, Habbo Hotel lets players stay and interact with others in the game, customize their very own room, or use preset blueprints to speed up the process. Users can create their own games in the world by buying furniture, from ice rinks to never-ending mazes.

Gacha Life (2018)

A game with several interactable anime-style characters, it sees players dress up and style their avatars however they like. After they’ve made their perfect person, players can then move into the Studio, an area that lets them make their own backstory and create any scene that they can imagine to craft the ideal story.

Poptropica (2007)

An online roleplaying game developed by Pearson Education’s Family Education Network, Proptropica has players solve problems in different scenarios in different sections called islands. There are multiple different obstacles that players will encounter throughout their journey, requiring them to use different items and talk to people to complete their goals.

Do you have any other recommendations for games like MovieStarPlanet? Let us know!

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