‘Under the Bridge’ Episode 6 Offers A Glimmer Of Justice

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: May 15, 2024
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Under the Bridge Episode 6 Recap - What is Becca doing?!
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Some illuminating backstory explains Becca’s obsession with the case in “In Water They Sink As the Same”, and it seems like justice is finally catching up Reena Virk’s killers.

There’s no wonder Becca feels guilty about her brother’s death. Episode 6 of Under the Bridge, titled “In Water They Sink As the Same”, opens with a flashback to her, her brother Gabe, and Cam as children. And young Becca was awful. Fiercely jealous of Gabe’s relationship with Cam, dangerously unsympathetic of the violent bullying he was experiencing, and totally oblivious to his feelings, Becca’s final moments with her brother were hostile, accusatory, and nasty.

This is why Becca feels so invested in the murder of Reena Virk. She can see history repeating itself; a victim driven to the edge by their peers and their circumstances, with nobody around them who’s interested in helping. It was easy to assume that Becca somehow saw herself in Reena, but that isn’t the case. She sees herself in Jo and Kelly; the perpetrator, not the victim.

Becca Thinks Warren Is Innocent

But she also undeniably sees her brother in Warren, which is why, while the police are out looking for him, she takes him home, feeds him, and dresses him up in the suit Gabe was going to wear to a dance before he fell into the sea and drowned. This isn’t quite as weird as it sounds, but it’s close. Becca is living out a wistful fantasy wherein she can “save” her brother by “saving” Warren, who she thinks is innocent of Reena’s death outside of general complicity and the single drunken kick he has admitted to.

We know better, don’t we?

Samara Tells All

Becca tries to persuade Warren to talk to Cam since she thinks he’s being set up by Kelly and Jo. This is an understandable theory and even Cam sees the logic in it, but they’re too slow. The police are aggressively searching for Warren, and in his absence, they turn to Samara. In Episode 3, we saw Warren make a few confessions to Samara. He didn’t just identify Kelly as the murderer but also implicated himself. He and Kelly dragged Reena into the water together.

Armed with this information, the police have no choice but to arrest Warren. Becca tries to prevent this, which only exposes her dangerous, borderline delusional level of sympathy for him and the fact she kept his whereabouts from Cam earlier in the episode.

Viva La Mexico

Elsewhere in Under the Bridge Episode 6, Jo and Kelly try to get rid of Dusty.

Dusty has never quite been on board with the general awfulness of the other two girls. She has been complicit, sure, but as we’ve seen in a mix of flashbacks and present-day sequences, she exists slightly apart from the rest of the group. She’s more sympathetic and less enamored by the idea of a gangster lifestyle. But she also has her fair share of trauma, which makes her easy to manipulate.

Dusty was somewhat involved in Reena’s efforts to get back at Jo by stealing her phone book; the act of revenge that ultimately got her killed. She wasn’t super on board with disrespecting Reena’s family at dinner, endlessly tormenting Reena, or manipulating her into falsely accusing her father of sexual assault. This all makes her a target.

Kelly and Jo have been planning a trip to Mexico, which is a private code for their efforts to get Dusty out of the way, either by killing her (as Kelly would like) or getting her to kill herself (as Jo would prefer). When an attempt to poison her doesn’t work out, the other two girls lead Dusty to the train tracks and try to talk her into standing in the way of a speeding locomotive. They almost manage it, too. Dusty is only saved by Jo bottling it at the last minute and pulling her out of the way.

Warren, Kelly, Jo, and Dusty Are Arrested

Thanks to Samara’s testimony, the episode ends with Warren, Kelly, Jo, and Dusty all being arrested for the murder of Reena Virk. With the police now being in possession of Reena’s boots, which they retrieved from Seven Oaks, they have more than enough evidence to build a genuine case.

However, it’s far from open-and-shut. It remains unclear who was involved and in what way, Warren’s Native ancestry threatens to be problematic, and Becca is still deeply involved in the case, with an obvious bias in favor of one of the accused. Since this is a true story it can’t be said that anything can happen, but there’s certainly plenty more to come in the final two episodes.

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