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Review – 47 Meters Down

We all have fears and phobias, mine just happens to be the ocean (we don’t know what’s down there!) and thanks to watching Jaws at a young age… sharks. And the one scenario that has popped into my mind more than any others is being trapped in a shark cage and it plummeting into the dark depths of the ocean. So when I heard about 47 Meters Down, a movie about just that, I figured it had been a while since a movie scared me, so why not check it out?

The film follows sisters Kate and Lisa, played by Claire Holt and Mandy Moore, on their trip to Mexico. In the middle of the night, Kate finds Lisa crying. Turns out her boyfriend recently broke up with her due to her being “too boring”. To cheer her up, Kate takes Lisa out for drinks where they meet two random guys. Before the night comes to an end, Kate and Lisa are invited to go cage diving the next day. Kate’s down for some face to face time with some sharks, but Lisa isn’t so sure. Kate, of course, convinces her to do it.

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Review – The Void

In a day and age where CGI effects and recycled ideas are far and wide, it’s nice to know that we can still be treated to a horror movie that draws inspiration from the best of the best and still feels fresh and exciting. That’s exactly what we get with The Void.

The film doesn’t waste any time getting to the goods and continues at a pace that keeps the viewer interested. It starts with a blood-soaked man frantically running away from what seems to be two madmen. He is then found by Deputy Daniel Carter, played by Aaron Poole, who reluctantly decides to take him to Marsh County Memorial where his ex-wife Allison Fraser works, played by Kathleen Munroe.

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