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Opinion – Why I loved To The Bone

Beware: as this is an opinion piece there will be spoilers.

To The Bone is a touching film about a young girl named Ellen (Lily Collins) battling her way through life with anorexia nervosa. The list of reasons why I like this film is endless; for me it’s definitely a film that’s on the top of the list. The main reason could have something to do with the fact that its personal to me. It touches upon the multiple times I’ve become victim to this insufferable illness.

The potrayal in the film is without a doubt the pinnacle point for me. Contrary to some people’s opinion, this offers a very grounded potrayal as to what this illness is about. At some point in the film, the line “there’s no such thing as skinny enough” hits home. Numerous times throughout the film we see Collins stripped down and resembling a skeleton more than anything else. For me this is essential. My personal worst was back in 2014. I was eating one toasted bagel every two days. This was the case for more than two/three weeks before help came in the form of my current partner. However, my point is, the portrayal of this in the film is one that couldn’t be any more accurate. There is no such thing as skinny enough. I had so many bones poking out of me I could have gouged someone’s eye out. It was physically stressful to think about preparing a meal and having to face eating it, so much so I started getting stress pains in my chest; I’d get so worked up thinking about having to eat, like it was a chore. The little things in the film really make it too, like Collins measuring her arm fat by clasping her fingers around her upper arm, taking the opportunity to walk anywhere just to burn as many calories as possible, being completely distraught when you looked at the scale to find you’ve put weight on. It’s all relevant and all so realistic.

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