Medical Police (2020)

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Season 1 presents the first busy Friday for Netflix this year, giving viewers a snazzy comedy series that is split into bite sized chapters to sink their teeth into. The series is a spin-off to the famous Childrens Hospital which finished in April 2016. Characters return to award the fans for a long-awaited reunion in an indirect story

Ready Steady Cut gave Season 1 a favourable review.

Medical Police Season 1 follows Lola and Owen after a deadly virus outbreak has threatened lives in Brazil. After further investigation, they learn that this is the work of bioterrorism and Lola and Owen stumble into an anti-bioterrorism unit to attempt to stop it from becoming a global outbreak. Season 1 is not meant to be taken seriously; it's silly and easy to watch. Each episode builds up the action and the drama as the lead characters desperately try to stop attacks.

Talking of a Season 2, it has not been confirmed yet, but with this series been linked to Childrens Hospital and tapping into the fandom, it's very likely that if the fans like it, then Netflix will invest into a second season. At Ready Steady Cut, we will keep you updated.

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