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Opinion – Why cinema prices are ruining everyone

I’m currently facing bit of a predicament at the minute. There are A LOT of films coming out over the next couple of months that I desperately want to see, but I’m not sure whether I have the funds to cover them all. In September alone, there are four films I want to see. This will amount to a minimum cost of £39.16 (yes, I can work a calculator), before any other expenses are taken into account i.e. travel and snackage. Now, I don’t believe that I am the only one who believes this to be an outrage. Since when did going to the cinema to see one film, let alone four, force a person to consider selling an organ on the black market?

It was during the planning of a recent cinema trip for four people to see Dunkirk that the extortionate cost of cinema tickets became apparent to me. I did a survey of the four biggest cinema chains I could think of: Showcase, Cineworld, Odeon and Vue, and I was very surprised by the results. Showcase Cinema Deluxe was actually the cheapest, and Vue was the priciest at near enough £11 per ticket for adults. I was suitably gobsmacked to say the least.

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Opinion – Photography To Me

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a fan of taking photos. Phones have continued to be upgraded and with this, it has allowed the world to take more photos daily. The quality of these cameras has been forever increasing.

I didn’t have a camera for a long time, it wasn’t until I got my first iPhone that I really got started. It seemed that everyone I knew was using Instagram. Photography then took all different forms, whether it was pictures of food, selfies or holiday pictures.

Eventually, Instagram seemed to become more than things you wanted to show your friends, but into different artistic styles. Whole accounts dedicated to a theme or a style. This is when I started to explore different options on the App when it came to my personal photography.

I started using my iPhone, but then I found my mum’s old film camera. I started to use this and it was a thrill not knowing what you were going to receive. I would get 36 photos developed at one time. The photos themselves had a natural filter to them. To this day I still use my film camera as it always develops unique and intriguing photos.

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Opinion – Is Daniel Craig A Little Too Shaken And Stirred To Play Bond Anymore?

So, following well over a year of speculation about whether he will return to the role of 007, it has been confirmed that Daniel Craig will play James Bond for a further two films.

After all the injury problems experienced during the production of Spectre, the actor’s most recent outing as the spy, Craig’s future was very much in question. During the promotional work for Spectre, everyone kept asking the big question – will he do another film? At the time, it looked as though we had seen the last of him. Craig seemed to have had enough; looked as though he had completely fallen out of love with the character. However, over a year and a half on after the release of the last film, the news has surfaced that he is signed not for one, but for TWO more films.

Now, inevitably, everyone has their take on the announcement. It has received a somewhat mixed response and has definitely polarised cinema-goers and Bond fanatics. Some have been overjoyed to hear that Craig will be in the role for the foreseeable future, and others have been… less so.

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Opinion – Why I loved To The Bone

Beware: as this is an opinion piece there will be spoilers.

To The Bone is a touching film about a young girl named Ellen (Lily Collins) battling her way through life with anorexia nervosa. The list of reasons why I like this film is endless; for me it’s definitely a film that’s on the top of the list. The main reason could have something to do with the fact that its personal to me. It touches upon the multiple times I’ve become victim to this insufferable illness.

The potrayal in the film is without a doubt the pinnacle point for me. Contrary to some people’s opinion, this offers a very grounded potrayal as to what this illness is about. At some point in the film, the line “there’s no such thing as skinny enough” hits home. Numerous times throughout the film we see Collins stripped down and resembling a skeleton more than anything else. For me this is essential. My personal worst was back in 2014. I was eating one toasted bagel every two days. This was the case for more than two/three weeks before help came in the form of my current partner. However, my point is, the portrayal of this in the film is one that couldn’t be any more accurate. There is no such thing as skinny enough. I had so many bones poking out of me I could have gouged someone’s eye out. It was physically stressful to think about preparing a meal and having to face eating it, so much so I started getting stress pains in my chest; I’d get so worked up thinking about having to eat, like it was a chore. The little things in the film really make it too, like Collins measuring her arm fat by clasping her fingers around her upper arm, taking the opportunity to walk anywhere just to burn as many calories as possible, being completely distraught when you looked at the scale to find you’ve put weight on. It’s all relevant and all so realistic.

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Opinion – Be your own critic

I have enjoyed watching films for as long as I can remember. The reason why I decided to review films is because through critiquing, I feel that I can understand them better, and through that understanding I can tell people how good or bad that film is.

There was a time when I used to walk to the cinema, watch one (sometimes two) films, sit in a coffee shop, write my review and then go home. Before I did all this, I used to research how well the movie was doing critically and get a sense of the buzz via social media. The cycle in my mind was working because I got a feel of people’s different perspectives, and when I gained mine I found the entire scenario interesting. That is, until recently.

In the past couple of years, I have found reviewing films way more frustrating than ever. Do not get me wrong, I enjoy it, and any excuse to escape and find time to watch a film. However, I am becoming much more aware of reviews sounding all too similar, and offering the same score. It is almost like if the first cluster of critics come out and say the newly released film is good, bad or average, then the next cluster of critics follow suit, and so on. I find that the growing habit of following the trend in the critical community is on a major incline, to the point where I do not find it as fun to read a review or have the conversation with a critic before watching a movie.

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Opinion – Ban Popcorn 

Look, I get it, popcorn is easy to eat, it tastes good, you can eat tonnes of it and feel like you have put zero weight on. Another positive about popcorn is that for cinema companies it makes them good profits; it is extremely cheap to make, so you genuinely feel like you are contributing to the upkeep of the cinema whilst emptying your wallet. I also understand that it is probably the easiest cinema snack to make. I get all of this.

To further demonstrate my point that I get the popcorn phenomenon; I understand that certain films are “popcorn” movies. The type of movie that passes by with entertainment value as you chew copious amounts of snacks in a zombie-like state. I for one suffer from this from time to time. More recently for The Mummy (2017) I got myself into a snack coma, which wasn’t worth it in the end because the film was shit.

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Opinion – Why Saw: The Video Game Sucks

So, a while ago I wrote a few words about atmosphere in video games. During that piece, I used Saw as an example of a bad game made playable by its creepy, unsettling atmosphere, which in turn led a few people to surmise that the game itself is actually good. Because I’m all about the people, I thought I’d take some time to clarify why it isn’t.

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