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Opinion – Paranormal Activity Series

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I genuinely believe that you either love or hate The Paranormal Activity series. I hate it. I find it intensely offensive that they have made five features plus a spin-off. I remember clearly when Paranormal Activity was released. There was a genuine buzz amongst friends. A must-see, a masterpiece, even “great directorial vision” was stated in the media. I have to admit, I was thrown back by the concept. It proved that silence can equally be as powerful in the modern era than just loudness and memorable dialogue. It also proved how effective you can be by just being simple. I bought into the whole idea. It made the unrealistic feel real. They ruined it.

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Opinion – The Dark Knight Rises (Beyond the Fictional)

Since the beginning of Christopher Nolan’s Batman reboot, I have been a huge fan of both him and his work; and though I have loved Batman as a character ever since I was an odd excuse for a child, this fresh, revamped and more realistic concept of The Bat gave me more of a reason to return to the character at an older age. But boy was I wrong when I thought this was all it had to offer to me as a person.

Nolan’s trilogy, comprising of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, not only made an irreversibly brilliant mark on the film industry, but also set the mark for future films of all genres to come. But out of all things, one aspect which I truly found to stand out more vividly than in other films was the trilogy’s remarkable musical score. I mean, sure, there are a range of other aspects that can be considered about a film. For example, there is much, deep political meaning to Nolan’s Batman films. But I can’t say this is an area that deeply concerns me, though it is an interesting area nonetheless. This isn’t to say the notion of other meanings in film, such as politics, should be ignored. Not at all. In fact, I enjoy informing myself on such aspects. But one of the best ways to truly connect with a film is through such deeper dispositions. I feel there is a much more meaningful aspect to it; perhaps something a bit more personal. Motivation.

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Opinion – The Book of Eli & Atheism

The age-old debate of God and religion is something I tend to think about a lot. After having just caught the ending of The Book of Eli, which features strong performances from both Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman, I got thinking about the concept of God once again, and its influence on people.

I grew up in a predominantly religious family, in that I grew up as part of a Sikh family, practicing the ways of Sikhism. I would go to classes every weekend, not only learning the Punjabi language but also about the culture and history of Sikhism. The majority of the adult figures in my life were religious, and as a result, I was, too. But like with anything, I grew older, and along the way, grew skeptical of my religious background as I began to discover more knowledge on the scientific side of life. Before I knew it, I found myself holding no religious beliefs or feelings whatsoever.

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Opinion – “Thank you, come again.” “No thanks.”

The Simpsons: Easily one of, if not the most critically acclaimed animated TV shows to ever grace our screens. A pioneer of animated comedy, perhaps. Everyone has seen at least a full episode of The Simpsons, and the majority of the people you know will be very familiar with America’s favourite family. The Simpsons, like for many, is a huge childhood memory for me; I remember the days where I would eagerly anticipate my evening meal, mainly in part so that I could have my daily, 6 o’clock viewing of The Simpsons on Channel 4. It was the best.

As the years went on, so did The Simpsons. A few more years on, I’d still find myself watching the latest episodes, almost religiously. I began to notice bigger names appearing in some episodes. With the likes of Stephen Hawking, 50 Cent and Ludacris, to name a few, The Simpsons appeared to be successfully continuing in the battle against one of the biggest foes – that is, time. And to this day, it still is. But it appears to me, that this battle is coming to an end. Or at least it needs to.

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Opinion – Is TV In Better Shape Than Film?

The Emmys have got me thinking. I watched a lot of the shows that were nominated this year – Big Little Lies, Ray Donovan, Westworld and The Night Of come to me off the top of my head. These were all fantastic shows, Big Little Lies especially, as it wasn’t something I would have necessarily put down as my sort of thing. And there were plenty of other well-known programmes that were also nominated and that went on to win. However, it’s not so much the awards thing itself that is the main talking point here. The nominees were a very diverse bunch. For example, there was more than one decent female part in contention for the best actress categories, AND there were people from all backgrounds included (some of these actually won too!).

As a result of the positivity surrounding all aspects of these awards, I’ve come to the conclusion that TV is in better shape than film at the minute. Think about it – we’ve just had a massive awards ceremony where the majority of the nominees fully deserved their nominations and there was no controversy. What’s going on? This is not how I’m used to things working of late. Where were the racial and political undertones that ended up overshadowing the whole thing completely? These things just didn’t exist in the run-up to last weekend’s ceremony. As a result, people are talking about the TV shows and the performances within them… as they should be. Things were all very peaceful, and everybody focused on what they were there to focus on. TV has made miracles happen, end of.

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Opinion – Can Spoof Films Really Go Too Over The Top?

This week we’ve seen the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle hit cinemas all over the place. It’s been a long time coming for a lot of people following the success of the first Kingsman film back in 2015. People loved the first film because of how wonderfully loud and fun it was. Everyone was a fan of the outrageous fight scenes that were littered throughout, and we were all looking forward to the return of such things in this sequel.

However, upon its arrival, some individuals proceeded to complain that they found the film to go a little too overboard for their liking. I have to say that I have found myself to be slightly dumbfounded by these claims. The whole idea behind the Kingsman stories is they rip the piss out of all those spy stories that have been guilty of taking themselves way too seriously over the years. It is a spoof spy franchise, for Christ’s sake. It is supposed to be stupidly over-the-top – if not, it is no longer a spoof film really, is it? At the end of the day, has anyone ever actually complained that some of the scenes in the James Bond films go unnecessarily overboard? Because you could if you’re one of those pedantic types, which some people clearly are. Just look at that scene in Skyfall where the tube train gets blown off the rails – I loved the film, but even I can admit that special effects only did so much for that sequence.

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Opinion – Time: The Kalief Browder Story

If you have not watched this documentary, this opinion post contains major details on the story.

I have had enough of this shit. That is what I said to myself when Time: The Kalief Browder Story nearly reached its conclusion. I have honestly had enough of these stories. I am tired of seeing the YouTube videos, the news reports, the police footage, and I am especially tired of seeing the justice system systematically ruin black lives. What gave me the shivers when I first starting watching it is that I recognised Kalief. I had seen him on the news but I did not remember the story. It was part 4 when I realised something was not right. The tone of the interviewees changed. It became more emotional than usual. When I learnt of his fate and the credits rolled, I honestly wanted to cry, but I resisted. My tears will not bring Kalief back; nothing will. Before I played part 6 I took a mental break because I knew I had a question to answer first. What is Time: The Kalief Browder Story really trying to tell us?

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