Greetings. Welcome to our archive of long-form content. What you’ll find here is basically anything that can’t be easily classified as a “review”. Looking for reviews, you say? Try clicking these words.

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Completionist Series

This is an ongoing series about meta-rewards in video games. Here you’ll find meditations on what it means to be into worthless digital trinkets, how Xbox Achievements and Playstation Trophies change (or don’t) the way we play games, and some mini-reviews of titles that I played solely for the rewards.

CSI Triple Threat

Cubot: The Complexity of Simplicity

Harm’s Way

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

King Kong

New Rally-X


Terminator Salvation

Three Fourths Home

Virtua Fighter 2


Here’re some examples of that newfangled “criticism” malarkey; stuff that isn’t a traditional review, but takes a look at a specific game from an unusual angle.

“Blood on the Sand” – On Spec Ops: The Line

“Building Blocks” – On Bastion

“Ghost Train” – On Metro 2033

“Memory Trouble” – On 007: Blood Stone

First Impressions

Duke Nukem Forever


Splinter Cell: Conviction

The Crew

Final Thoughts

Duke Nukem Forever

Splinter Cell: Conviction

The Crew


Top Ten: Video Game Tutorials


007: From Russia With Love vs. Blood Stone

5 Steps to Enjoying Mortal Kombat

Is Shadow of Mordor Too Hard?

Linear Narrative: Hold My Hand

Linear Narrative: Tell Me A Story

Motion Controls and Adaptive Difficulty

The Alpha Protocol Conversation

Video Game Cutscenes: Dos and Don’ts


Atmosphere In Gaming

Video Game Tutorials

Why Saw: The Video Game Sucks


These are our deep-dives into a specific game that are too long and unwieldy to be classed as a review, but too straightforward to be classed as “criticism”.

L.A. Noire



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