31 Days of Horror

It’s October, and you know what that means: ghosts, ghouls, demons, monsters, sack-wearing mask-toting machete-wielding madmen, and lots and lots of daddy issues.

Yep, it’s the month of Halloween, ’tis the season to be scared, and in its honour we’re laying the pumpkins out all month. 31 days of October, 31 days of horror. We’re going to be watching a scary movie every day, from old classics to new creepers to personal favourites and those foreign films we’ve heard whispers about but always found an excuse not to watch. Our team will be here every day with a new review, and hopefully new nightmares and personal anxieties. Here at Ready, Steady, Cut! we’re all about causing our team long-term psychological trauma.

You’ll find our full schedule for the month below, and links to each review as they’re published. If you’re participating in this profoundly misguided idea, share your lists with us. It always helps to cuddle under the same blanket.

Sunday, October 1st – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Monday, October 2nd – The Bye Bye Man

Tuesday, October 3rd – Saw

Wednesday, October 4th – Cabin in the Woods

Thursday, October 5th – The Conjuring

Friday, October 6th – The Thing

Saturday, October 7th – The Evil Dead

Sunday, October 8th – Martyrs

Monday, October 9th – The Babadook

Tuesday, October 10th – 28 Days Later

Wednesday, October 11th – The Hills Have Eyes

Thursday, October 12th – Paranormal Activity

Friday, October 13th – Friday the 13th

Saturday, October 14th – The Fourth Kind

Sunday, October 15th – Let the Right One In

Monday, October 16th – It (2017)

Tuesday, October 17th – The Girl With All The Gifts

Wednesday, October 18th – Better Watch Out

Thursday, October 19th – Final Destination

Friday, October 20th – The Shining

Saturday, October 21st – You’re Next

Sunday, October 22nd – The Witch

Monday, October 23rd – Train to Busan

Tuesday, October 24th – Insidious

Wednesday, October 25th – Braindead

Thursday, October 26th – The Strangers

Friday, October 27th – The Exorcist

Sunday, October 28th – The Visit

Monday, October 29th – Hostel

Tuesday, October 30th – Green Room

Wednesday, October 31st – Halloween

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