Photography.  The highlight of the graphy family, followed closely by plethysmography. Welcome to Ready, Steady, Cut!‘s photography page, dedicated to, well, as the name suggests, photography.

All snappy humour aside, this is a place for the people who appreciate the endless views and perspectives in life, or the range of emotions that a specific type of light can evoke. There are often fewer things more satisfying than perfectly capturing a moment in time, forever in one’s hands to amplify and enliven to the mind’s content.

Here, you’ll find a range of original content from our two photographers at Ready, Steady, Cut!, varying from wide and all-encapsulating landscape shots, to up-close representations of a person’s emotions during their deepest thoughts.

Take a gaze at the wonderful creations on display, primarily displayed on our Instagram page, as well as a gallery dedicated to highlighting these on our site.

Also, thanks to the limitless plethora of creativity our team at Ready, Steady, Cut! possesses, our photographers also dabble in writing, which you can find here.


The Gallery

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