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Hello. Ready, Steady, Cut! is a website on the internet that bolts arbitrary numbers onto the end of reviews. We know some people don’t like that, but we do, and we’re going to continue doing it until we decide we don’t like it anymore. Which might be never.

Anyway, for the benefit of people who place far too much of their self-worth in whether or not someone else likes something that they like, we’re taking a moment to lay out our scoring system, how we assign numerical scores, and what it all bloody means. We tend to use the full extent of the ten-point scale, and every number means something distinct, but please try to remember that this is all ultimately meaningless and you shouldn’t worry too much about it. If you don’t think it’s useful, just ignore it. Read the words instead.

10: A 10 represents the best of the best, something that is the pinnacle of its genre, and a piece of exemplary, valuable entertainment. Nothing’s perfect, remember, but 10s are as close as you’re going to get.

9: A 9 represents excellence across the board, with perhaps one or two niggles that prevent true greatness.

8: An 8 is a great bit of entertainment with some issues that are usually of the negligible variety. This is a solid, enjoyable experience that comes highly recommended.

7: This is where most people think the 10-point scale ends. Not the case here. A 7 is above-average entertainment with a fair number of flaws, but still recommended.

6: A 6 is slightly above-average; flawed, for sure, but this is an experience that offers a little something extra. You can consider 6’s to be cautiously recommended.

5: Distinctly average. You’ll know when you see it.

4: We’re approaching “bad” territory here. A 4 will generally have some merit, but is mostly unpleasant, and has more negative qualities than positive.

3: 3’s are significantly flawed with very few redeeming qualities. There might be the odd thing to like, but nothing much.

2: This is a terrible piece of media with painfully few positive aspects. There is no kind of a good time to be had here.

1: 1’s are utter travesties. They’re horribly put-together, morally bankrupt, offensive, or all three. If something is awarded a 1, it is truly worthless and all copies of it should be burned.

That’s how the scores work in this neck of the woods. Thanks for supporting fair and honest criticism and leave your thoughts under the reviews.

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