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Ready Steady Cut EP53 – The Conjuring 1 and 2

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This is Episode 53 of the Ready, Steady, Cut! Podcast. On this episode, with the upcoming release of Annabelle: Creation, we discuss The Conjuring Series. Please note that this is Laura’s first horror episode. How did she handle it? Find out!

Trailer Talk is IT and as always, we answer questions raised by our listeners and play another game of You Can’t Beat Me!

Episode Summary:

00:00 – Introduction and Episode Summary
02:10 – Announcements
03:30 – Trailer Talk – IT
09:33 – Thoughts on The Conjuring Series
11:14 – The Conjuring 1
39:57 – The Conjuring 2
1:01:39 – Questions from Listeners
1:11:13 – You Can’t Beat Me! – Gangsters
1:34:14 – Final Comments

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Recap – Game of Thrones S7E1: “Dragonstone”

Winter is here. With spoilers, obviously.

There’s always some detective work to be done when you return to a complex series, even one that is, pretty inarguably at this point, the most popular and feverishly-discussed in the history of television. You spend some time rifling through the last season’s Wikipedia page, reorganising events in your mind, trying to remember who died, and what whoever lived was last up to. The seventh season of Game of Thrones premiered in the early hours of Monday morning, and its first episode, “Dragonstone”, has you covered. In it, Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and of Plot Exposition, has drawn a map. Well, had a map drawn for her; she’s a queen, after all. The map is of Westeros, painted onto the floor, and as Cersei stands atop it, she points at each place she references, which are all helpfully labelled and illustrated. Her brother, Jamie, narrates. “Invaders to the east, pretenders to the north, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.” I’m paraphrasing. But it wouldn’t be unlike Game of Thrones to break into song at this point. Ed Sheeran does show up for a fireside cameo. Then again, this has always been a show that put snaggle-toothed ginger northerners at something of a premium.

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