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Review – Wheelman

Director: Jeremy Rush

Writer: Jeremy Rush

Rating: PG-13

Release Date: October 20, 2017

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Review – One of Us (2017)

Director(s): Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady

Writer(s): Also above

Rating: 12

Release Date: October 20, 2017

Full Cast & Crew Info

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Recap – Suits S7E7: “Full Disclosure” 

For the past few weeks I have toyed with the idea that I may disengage from Suits for good. It was maybe slightly premature to think about disowning the series after seven seasons but the shaky start was concerning.

Ironically, something wonderful happened. Suits truly returned in “Full Disclosure”.

Okay, so I know that last week I declared that “Suits is back” but I also said it was almost there. Episode seven brought to the surface a plot worth discussing. Considering the episode is titled “Full Disclosure”, it bobbed and weaved to avoid any reveal for the entire forty minutes. It was intentional of course, because last week Harvey demanded that Alex speak the truth after he desperately blocked any attempt for Mike to pursue the prison case.  Despite my hesitations with Mike recently, he really strives for respect from the audience because he single handedly lays down the iron with zero help. He will do what is morally right, even if it means going against Harvey. “Full Disclosure” is constructed in a way that you have no choice but to care about Mike, with Harvey clearly reminding us that the young lawyer went to prison for him. Make no mistake, these two are either going to end the season with the usual bromance or end up in flames next to a gas pipe. Selfishly, for plot reasons, I want them to be at loggerheads. Even if it was just for one season just to see how the dynamics between the rest of the characters would work.

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