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Review – Atomic Blonde

What’s this?

It’s Jane Wick.

Okay, sorry, that’s not entirely accurate. But I’ve had that joke lined up since the first trailer, and while it might not be my best work, I needed to get it off my chest. It’s half right, anyway. Atomic Blonde is about a badass super-spy punching, shooting and stabbing her way through a stylized aesthetic under the direction of David Leitch. Certainly sounds like John Wick to me.

But, alas, Atomic Blonde isn’t that – at least not all the time. In reality, it’s based on a moderately obscure graphic novel, The Coldest City, and takes the form, structurally and tonally, of a twisty Cold War espionage thriller full of Soviet skulduggery and collapsing communist regimes. Which isn’t exactly what was advertised.

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Review – 10 Cloverfield Lane

In case you’ve forgotten, 2008’s Cloverfield was essentially Handycam Godzilla; a so-so found-footage monster movie that got a little more attention than it strictly deserved thanks largely to a memorable marketing campaign. 10 Cloverfield Lane is not a sequel to that movie. J. J. Abrams, who produced both, has referred to it as a “blood relative”, because of course he has, but what he’s really saying in his own twee, self-satisfied way, is that this is a completely separate feature in terms of style and tone that he meddled with post-production.

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