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Review – Fearless

A human rights lawyer with a reputation for defending lost causes sets out to prove the innocence of a man accused of murdering a 14-year-old girl.

When Emma Banville (Helen McCrory) is asked to look into the conviction of Kevin Russell by his partner, she agrees to take on the case due to the huge miscarriage of justice she feels has taken place. As she begins to root around, she not only ruffles the feathers of Detective Olivia Greenwood (Wunmi Mosaku), but she also discovers that Russell’s conviction was part of something far greater. Determined to prove his innocence, Emma goes to every length imaginable, putting a huge strain on her personal life, but also potentially putting herself in danger.

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Recap – Suits S7E10: “Donna”

Warning: the following contains spoilers.

“I’m sorry, Harvey, I just had to know.”

It happened. It finally happened. If you are a dedicated Suits fan you will know what I mean. I did tell you last week that an episode titled “Donna” was always going to be a hit.

I had a different recap in mind to this one, but the ending was the most important moment that has happened since Mike went to prison. Everyone else became the conduit for Harvey and Donna, except Harvey and Donna. Mike somewhat surprisingly intervened and then Louis Litt, the man of the hour, delivers a relatable heart-string-pulling monologue that drives Donna to a point of uncontrollable emotion, and she does it. She kisses Harvey. Okay, I sound like a high school gossiper, but let’s best honest: we have been waiting for something to happen for seven seasons. I also feel like this recap created the Suits oracle because I did say in my summary of “Home to Roost” that I think a court case between them maybe the catalyst of something happening.

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Recap – Suits S7E9: “Shame”

Suits went back to normal in “Shame”. Mike and Harvey are a duo, Louis Litt lost his mind, Rachel is back doing law and Gretchen, well, she is still Gretchen but with a crucial plot role for once.

It has been a long time since an episode was left on a cliffhanger, leaving the characters with some unfinished business. Season 7, so far, has had episode to episode of loose ends sewn up relatively quickly. After episode “100” it seems they have reset, and it is now in the phase where there are some law defining moments. The cliffhanger this time is Donna is going to do a mock trial. My word, do you remember the last time she participated in one? Louis Litt ripped her soul apart and left small remnants of it on the floor for the dogs to eat.

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Recap – Suits S7E5: “Brooklyn Housing” 

What the hell is happening?

I made a valid statement in the recap for “Divide and Conquer” that the shackles are off. I am not entirely sure what for. Rachel made a resounding point to put curtains on this episode; is it really worth Mike going behind Harvey’s back to help the clinic? I mean, let’s face it, Oliver is only clinging on to Mike because he cannot strongly represent anyone to make a good lawyer. Oliver has thrown the book at Mike since the start of the season, but he appears unphased by the illegal conflict of interest. What an insufferable hypocritical character the writers have thrown in.

Sorry. I am a little grumpy. I guess after seeing Harvey illegally hire Mike, defend him ruthlessly against all odds and smartly construct a legal scenario to release him from prison, I am flagrantly fed up. If anyone has risked their career for Mike it is Harvey. The storyline does not fit well with me. It appears they allow Mike’s personality to go off on tangents. Look, I get he has some moral high ground more than the other lawyers, but he was a fraud. Surely a principle he should hold onto is staying loyal to family. Returning to deal with prisoners against his old foe represents the abnormality of this character. Maybe he is destined to always be on the wrong side of the law.

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Recap – Suits S7E4: “Divide and Conquer” 

Expect plenty of spoilers in this recap.

“Divide and Conquer” seamlessly continues from the previous episode. The shackles are still off, Harvey has zero control, and Louis proceeds to roll with his hilarious facial expressions. The beginnings of this show started as a serious legal drama. Now it is leaning towards a fanciful soap opera. Suits know its audience loves the characters and it’s slowly becoming a guilty pleasure rather than something you tell the cool kids about.

The family is slowly reforming with the help of a familiar face. Jessica’s reoccurring guest-like appearances almost makes you think she wants to fully return to the show. Harvey makes it clear that he misses her but he clearly needs the guidance to build the firm back up to its former reputation. Episode 4 demonstrates that the challenge is a mountain even for Harvey, and you suspect he will need plenty of help for the remainder of season 7. Jessica’s reveal in the final segments, that she divided the group on purpose, was an obvious cliffhanger. I felt the utmost disappointment for not foreseeing it. It is easy to forget her tactical nature to turn personalities against each other for her own gain, especially after she left an empty void. Will Harvey be able to continue eventually without guidance?

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