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Review – Final Destination 

Director: James Wong

Writer(s): James Wong, Glen Morgan, Jeffrey Reddick

Rating: R

Release Date: March 17, 2000

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This review is part of our 31 Days of Horror series. You can check out the other posts by clicking these words.

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Episode 70 – Our Guide to Movies in November 2017

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This is Episode 70 of the Ready, Steady, Cut! Podcast. On this episode, we give you a guide to the movies that will be getting a wide release in November 2017.

There a lot of wide releases in November, and it could be a huge month with the anticipated Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok making their way to our screens. With each film, we offer our thoughts on the pre-release information, trailers and make predictions to how they will be critically received.

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Review – 28 Days Later

This review is part of our 31 Days of Horror series. You can check out the other posts by clicking these words.

This review contains major spoilers.

Everyone loves a good zombie flick. Unless you don’t. And if you don’t, 28 Days Later is one of the ones which makes this a sad state of affairs. Also, this isn’t really a zombie flick – but I’m leaving it within the parameters of one.

Okay. Like with most zombie-style flicks, the introductory plot is pretty basic and to-the-point. Thankfully, though, 28 Days Later has so much more to offer than the average post-apocalyptic picture-show. So, in a nutshell: Animal activists break into a laboratory in order to free some chimpanzees held in captivity. Ignoring the pleas of a present scientist who strongly advises against the idea due to said chimpanzees being infected with a super-contagious Rage Virus, one of the activists lets a chimp free. Said chimp, clearly in an abnormal state, mindlessly attacks one of the activists and infects them with the rage virus, spreading to and initiating a reaction in the activist almost instantly. And from here, things just go from bad to worse – but I guess that’s what you get for monkeying around (and before anyone says it: yes, I know there are significant distinctions between chimps and monkeys. Let me pun in peace.)

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Review – The Cabin in the Woods

This review is part of our 31 Days of Horror series. You can check out the other posts by clicking these words.

This review also contains spoilers.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012), directed by Drew Goddard – along with production and script credit to Joss Whedon – initially presents itself with a bog-standard storyline. In a nutshell: a group of 5 teens head to a remote cabin in the woods (whoa, it’s the name of the film!) and find they’re severed of all communications with the outside world as they know it. A door to the basement opens itself up, which leads the group to a bunch of ancient relics as well as a spooky book. Dana (Kristen Connolly) reads a passage from the book which, of course, gives rise to a bunch of murdering zombies. Same old horror tripe under a new yet somehow unoriginal name, right? Wrong.

Now, I should mention that, for the most part, I really don’t care for horror films, with their overused tropes and unimaginative, predictable arrangements – and this is exactly why I enjoyed The Cabin in the Woods so much. The film quickly leaves the generic and dull premise behind as it shoots off into what I perceived as a satirical deconstruction of the stereotypical concept of a horror film; but what makes this even more enjoyable is that it manages to entertain the viewer with a film which is both serious and clever whilst doing this, and thus toying with the horror genre.

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Review – No Country for Old Men

Why can’t a guy just find $2million and live happily ever after in his trailer with his wife? I’ll tell you why. Because if he did, you would never have been gifted with this absolute gem by the Coen brothers.

War veteran Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) thinks all of his birthdays have come at once when he stumbles across a bungled drug deal and finds the money used to pay for the drugs there for the taking. He goes home with the money, but it would seem that he is not the only one who wants it, as Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) makes it his personal business to see that he also gets his hands on the cash. However, Chigurh is a murderous psychopath, therefore anybody who gets in the way of this, or just generally crosses his path, is going to wind up dead some way or another. In essence, No Country for Old Men is a cat and mouse chase where the mouse stands to win everything.

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Opinion – Is TV In Better Shape Than Film?

The Emmys have got me thinking. I watched a lot of the shows that were nominated this year – Big Little Lies, Ray Donovan, Westworld and The Night Of come to me off the top of my head. These were all fantastic shows, Big Little Lies especially, as it wasn’t something I would have necessarily put down as my sort of thing. And there were plenty of other well-known programmes that were also nominated and that went on to win. However, it’s not so much the awards thing itself that is the main talking point here. The nominees were a very diverse bunch. For example, there was more than one decent female part in contention for the best actress categories, AND there were people from all backgrounds included (some of these actually won too!).

As a result of the positivity surrounding all aspects of these awards, I’ve come to the conclusion that TV is in better shape than film at the minute. Think about it – we’ve just had a massive awards ceremony where the majority of the nominees fully deserved their nominations and there was no controversy. What’s going on? This is not how I’m used to things working of late. Where were the racial and political undertones that ended up overshadowing the whole thing completely? These things just didn’t exist in the run-up to last weekend’s ceremony. As a result, people are talking about the TV shows and the performances within them… as they should be. Things were all very peaceful, and everybody focused on what they were there to focus on. TV has made miracles happen, end of.

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Ready Steady Cut EP63 – Kingsman: The Secret Service

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This is Episode 63 of the Ready, Steady, Cut! Podcast. On this episode, with the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle we discuss the first movie in the series – Kingsman: The Secret Service. 

We also discuss What’s Happening At Ready Steady Cut, Trailer Talk is Fifty Shades Freed and The Commuter and as always, we play another game of You Can’t Beat Me! This week it is Hip Hop Movie Characters.

Episode Summary:

00:00 – Introduction and Episode Summary
01:37 – What’s Happening at Ready, Steady, Cut!
06:30 – Trailer Talk – 50 Shades Freed
11:49 – Trailer Talk – The Commuter
15:40 – Kingsman: The Secret Service – Character Analysis
30:52 – Kingsman: The Secret Service – Plot Analysis
1:07:59 – You Can’t Beat Me – Hip Hop Movie Characters
1:33:17 – Final Comments

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