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Recap – The Apprentice S13E3: “Robots”

Episode Title: “Robots”

Episode No.: 3

Network: BBC

Air Date: October 18, 2017

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Review – Bomb Scared (Fe De Etarras)

Whilst the industry quarrels amongst themselves on whether the power of streaming is poisoning traditional cinema, Netflix are scattering releases in various forms and genres. Their second Spanish language movie Bomb Scared, otherwise known as Fe De Etarras, is about a group of so-called Basque terrorists awaiting word from their leadership on their next mission. The reason I root for streaming platforms is that it generates challenging and daring movies that may have not leapt onto the big screen. Despite the subject being terrorism, you come to realise that Bomb Scared is not a challenging or daring movie at all. It is just delivered well.

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Opinion – Paranormal Activity Series

This opinion is part of our 31 Days of Horror series. You can check out the other posts by clicking these words.

I genuinely believe that you either love or hate The Paranormal Activity series. I hate it. I find it intensely offensive that they have made five features plus a spin-off. I remember clearly when Paranormal Activity was released. There was a genuine buzz amongst friends. A must-see, a masterpiece, even “great directorial vision” was stated in the media. I have to admit, I was thrown back by the concept. It proved that silence can equally be as powerful in the modern era than just loudness and memorable dialogue. It also proved how effective you can be by just being simple. I bought into the whole idea. It made the unrealistic feel real. They ruined it.

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Review – The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

This documentary follows the life and death of Marsha P. Johnson. She was a gay African American who was a leading figure in fighting for gay rights from the beginning of the movement. However, in 1992 she was found dead, floating in the Hudson River.

Although this documentary is enlightening as we follow the life of an extremely powerful voice in the LGBT community, unfortunately, the documentary does not offer the high-quality coverage Marsha P. Johnson deserves.

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Episode 68 – Jackie Chan and Police Story (1985)

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This is Episode 68 of the Ready, Steady, Cut! Podcast. On this episode, to celebrate the return of Jackie Chan in The Foreigner, we discuss one of his classics – Police Story (1985).

We also discuss What’s Happening At Ready Steady Cut, Trailer Talk is Annihilation and as always, we play another game of You Can’t Beat Me! This week it is Star Wars Characters.

Episode Summary:

00:00 – Introduction and Episode Summary
03:19 – What’s Happening at Ready, Steady, Cut!
08:54 – Trailer Talk – Annihilation
17:31 –  Police Story (1985) Discussion
59:22 – Questions from Listeners
1:06:40 – You Can’t Beat Me – Star Wars Characters
1:28:48 – Final Comments

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Recap – The Apprentice S13E1: “Burgers”

It surprises me every year that I return to the couch for The Apprentice. There is something uniquely delightful watching blundering mistakes by so-called business professionals. This year I would like to share my delight and recap each week as it unfolds, with a variety of car crashes which I am sure we will savour. Warning: there will be major spoilers in this recap.

This week’s episode is titled “Burgers” and as a person residing in Manchester, I understand the weighty importance of serving up a good burger; I mean, we do seem to have a burger restaurant around every single bloody corner. The task this week traditionally started the season on a simple foot. The candidates had to sell burgers on a stall. Let’s be honest, this episode felt more embarrassing than usual.

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Episode 67 – Reviews Round-Up – Kingsman: The Golden Circle, mother!, Flatliners and more…

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This is Episode 67 of the Ready, Steady, Cut! Podcast. On this episode, we do our latest reviews round-up and discuss movie releases we have watched from the 2nd half of September. The headline review for this round-up is Kingsman: The Golden Circle. All the reviews on this episode are spoiler-free. Everything that we review is listed below.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00 – Intro and Round-Up Summary
01:49 – Quick Update – we have a news writer!
Movie Reviews
03:32 – The Limehouse Golem
05:45 – Time: The Kalief Browder Story
15:08 – Wind River
21:32 – Heroin(e)
26:24 – Gun Shy
28:43 – First They Killed My Father
33:35 – Rememory
36:21 – Strong Island
41:05 – American Vandal
44:30 – The Wilde Wedding
48:13 – The Bad Batch
52:28 – Friend Request
58:35 – Jawbone
1:01:45 – Leatherface
1:08:15 – Gerald’s Game
1:14:14 – Long Shot
1:17:00 – Flatliners (2017)
1:22:39 – mother!
Headline Reviews
1:35:04 – Kingsman: The Golden Circle
1:49:09 – Final Comments

Here is our reviews score guide to give you a general understanding to how we score films.

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