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Recap – Suits S7E5: “Brooklyn Housing” 

What the hell is happening?

I made a valid statement in the recap for “Divide and Conquer” that the shackles are off. I am not entirely sure what for. Rachel made a resounding point to put curtains on this episode; is it really worth Mike going behind Harvey’s back to help the clinic? I mean, let’s face it, Oliver is only clinging on to Mike because he cannot strongly represent anyone to make a good lawyer. Oliver has thrown the book at Mike since the start of the season, but he appears unphased by the illegal conflict of interest. What an insufferable hypocritical character the writers have thrown in.

Sorry. I am a little grumpy. I guess after seeing Harvey illegally hire Mike, defend him ruthlessly against all odds and smartly construct a legal scenario to release him from prison, I am flagrantly fed up. If anyone has risked their career for Mike it is Harvey. The storyline does not fit well with me. It appears they allow Mike’s personality to go off on tangents. Look, I get he has some moral high ground more than the other lawyers, but he was a fraud. Surely a principle he should hold onto is staying loyal to family. Returning to deal with prisoners against his old foe represents the abnormality of this character. Maybe he is destined to always be on the wrong side of the law.

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Recap – Game of Thrones S7E4: “The Spoils of War”

More like “The Spoiled of War”, am I right? Eh?

Oh, god. I’m so sorry.

Putting aside the fact that HBO’s international distribution partners are leakier than the Titanic, the title does seem fitting; this fourth episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season opens up with Jamie Lannister handing Bronn – sorry, Ser Bronn – a bag full of gold. The Lannisters always pay their debts, of course, which is why the Kingslayer is hiking across the continent with all the pilfered spoils of Highgarden. If the Iron Bank is going to fund Cersei’s world-conquering revenge campaign, they need to be placated. That was the plan all along, it seems, although I guess Jamie didn’t quite anticipate Lady Olenna dropping that bombshell about Jeffrey’s welcome demise. Bronn put it better than I could: “Did the Queen of Thorns give you one last prick in the balls before saying goodbye?”

Yes, quite.

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Recap – Suits S7E4: “Divide and Conquer” 

Expect plenty of spoilers in this recap.

“Divide and Conquer” seamlessly continues from the previous episode. The shackles are still off, Harvey has zero control, and Louis proceeds to roll with his hilarious facial expressions. The beginnings of this show started as a serious legal drama. Now it is leaning towards a fanciful soap opera. Suits know its audience loves the characters and it’s slowly becoming a guilty pleasure rather than something you tell the cool kids about.

The family is slowly reforming with the help of a familiar face. Jessica’s reoccurring guest-like appearances almost makes you think she wants to fully return to the show. Harvey makes it clear that he misses her but he clearly needs the guidance to build the firm back up to its former reputation. Episode 4 demonstrates that the challenge is a mountain even for Harvey, and you suspect he will need plenty of help for the remainder of season 7. Jessica’s reveal in the final segments, that she divided the group on purpose, was an obvious cliffhanger. I felt the utmost disappointment for not foreseeing it. It is easy to forget her tactical nature to turn personalities against each other for her own gain, especially after she left an empty void. Will Harvey be able to continue eventually without guidance?

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Recap – Game of Thrones S7E3: “The Queen’s Justice”

This season of Game of Thrones will have seven episodes; the next will have only six. This, I reckon, is why the show has suddenly abandoned any sense of realistic proportion. Time is fluid now. Distance is irrelevant. Towards the end of last week’s episode, “Stormborn”, Jon Snow announced he would accept an invitation to Dragonstone. At the start of last night’s episode, “The Queen’s Justice”, there he is on the beach; that’s a week-long journey, maybe more, with scarcely a scene in between. We’ve been waiting seven seasons for these two characters to meet, and now things are moving so fast that you have to wonder if they’ll get any time together before they each start teleporting across Westeros.

Not that I care about realism in a fantasy series, obviously. I watch Game of Thrones to see people get naked, have sex, and swordfight to death. The logistics don’t concern me. But this newfound disregard for details does speak to what I’ve been saying in these recaps, about how much freer the show feels now. There are only ten episodes left to tie up about a dozen different ongoing conflicts, and in a show that has frequently had to stretch itself to breaking point in order to fill time and tick boxes, the rapidity of this new season feels liberating. The reason I drifted away from George Martin’s books is that they were mostly full of complete bullshit. What’s best about this season, so far, at least, is that it has no room for any bullshit at all.

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Recap – Suits S7E3: “Mudmare” 

I will be spoiling Suits in this recap so if you have not seen the latest episode then I would recommend that you do not read.

The writers for Suits can pretty much do whatever they want at this stage, especially now Mike is a fully fledged lawyer in the eyes of the law. I guess that was always the plan, but I still find it oddly weird that I do not sense that dark, muggy cloud hanging over the characters anymore. There is a freedom to take the story wherever they feel, so the gloves are off and I think “Mudmare” confirmed that.

Growing pains. Yes, that’s what they are all suffering. By rebuilding what was practically a dead firm after Jessica left, the lawyers and Donna find themselves in an unusual situation where they are not at all sure what stance to take at Pearson Spectre Litt. Where for a few series’ it was all about covering for a fraudulent lawyer and getting your name on the wall, the goalposts are different now. Jessica is not giving out the big calls anymore. It is Harvey, and he is quite obviously struggling to make the top decisions against people he considers family.

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Recap: Game of Thrones S7E2: “Stormborn”

And we’re back. Just like maps used to say, there be dragons here. And lots of spoilers.

Where we ended last week is where we begin: Dragonstone. The keep is no longer suspiciously empty, but instead filled with Team Dany and her worldly confidantes. There’s Tyrion and Varys, Grey Worm and Missandei, Yara, Melisandre, after a while, and then, a bit later, Ellaria Sand and Lady Olenna (never forget). There’s lots of exposition to be doled out, plans to be drawn up, and threats to be made. Dany is rightly suspicious of Varys, who has twice-conspired to overthrow the kings he has served, and it’s as good an excuse as any for a Conleth Hill speech. We’ve been waiting for one of those for ages.

So many questions. Is Varys sneakily planning a coup? Is Dany really acting in the best interests of the people? Can anybody trust Ellaria? Seriously, hasn’t she murdered every named character she’s come across until this point?

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Recap – Game of Thrones S7E1: “Dragonstone”

Winter is here. With spoilers, obviously.

There’s always some detective work to be done when you return to a complex series, even one that is, pretty inarguably at this point, the most popular and feverishly-discussed in the history of television. You spend some time rifling through the last season’s Wikipedia page, reorganising events in your mind, trying to remember who died, and what whoever lived was last up to. The seventh season of Game of Thrones premiered in the early hours of Monday morning, and its first episode, “Dragonstone”, has you covered. In it, Cersei Lannister, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and of Plot Exposition, has drawn a map. Well, had a map drawn for her; she’s a queen, after all. The map is of Westeros, painted onto the floor, and as Cersei stands atop it, she points at each place she references, which are all helpfully labelled and illustrated. Her brother, Jamie, narrates. “Invaders to the east, pretenders to the north, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.” I’m paraphrasing. But it wouldn’t be unlike Game of Thrones to break into song at this point. Ed Sheeran does show up for a fireside cameo. Then again, this has always been a show that put snaggle-toothed ginger northerners at something of a premium.

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