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Star Wars Trailer Drops Tonight!

Scheduled to release during Monday Night Football here in the States is the new trailer for Star WarsThe Last Jedi. The movie is releasing December 15th and is expected to be the cinema event of the year.

The director Rian Johnson upped the drama by stating that people who want to go into this movie “clean” should use restraint and not watch the trailer. He later changed the tone to dispel rumours the trailer was spoiler-heavy by stating that he meant “100% clean.”

Despite the rhetoric, assuredly millions will watch the trailer tonight either during the game or online. Will you have the discipline to wait for the movie?

Don’t worry about it – when the trailer is live, we’ll embed it here, and we can all discuss it together.


Here’s the trailer. Feast your eyes on it, then discuss it in the comments below. (If you like.)


The Punisher Panel Gets Punished In Wake of Tragedy

The announcement sure to split fans and start fires on social media was made public today. New York City Comic-Con, along with Marvel and Netflix, have agreed to pull The Punisher from the show, thus depriving the fanbase of a highly-anticipated panel and a possible release-date announcement.

The Las Vegas shooting earlier this week is being given as the reason for the abrupt cancellation. The NYCC and Marvel have said the slot will be filled with something else. Though, seeing as how as how most comic book properties these days have violence in them, that message seems a little cloudy. As more details come out we will keep you informed.

There was also a Punisher related simulcast scheduled for Paris on the same day, that has also been cancelled. Whether or not this affects the release date of the show on Netflix remains to be seen. In similar fashion, the Ryan Phillipe-led show Shooter was affected in the same way last year, in the wake of other publicized shootings.

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October Brings Us All Out War

Love him or hate him, Negan’s coming back in a big, bad way. After a violent season finale, The Walking Dead returns this month with Rick and his increased allies poised to square off with the full brunt of Negan’s army. We saw the communities all pull together at the climax of last year’s explosive closing. How have the losses affected the group? Has it been offset by a rallying victory against Negan and the traitors known only as “the garbage people”? Will we get to see more of Shiva? Hopefully, chowing down on more of Negan’s men. As a follower of the long-running comic series I know we’ve entered into the All Out War storyline. This season will definitely be far more violent than the past ones, and the stakes will be much higher.

Episode 1 has been titled “Mercy” and is directed by longtime special effects guru and showrunner Greg Nicotero. It’ll be interesting to see if we jump right in at the season opener, or if we get some breathing room from the last confrontation. Either way, this year promises to be the most dangerous for the beloved group. As a reader, I’m interested to see what changes to the All Out War storyline Mr Gimple and company have thrown in.

The season opener is also the 100th episode! Andrew Lincoln teased in a thank you video to the fans, “Stay tuned, because 100’s gonna be big.”

The Walking Dead returns October 22 in the states, and October 23 in the UK.

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Is Punishment Arriving Early?

Fresh off the heels of The Defenders this summer, Netflix and Marvel Studios take aim at a different character. Debuting as a much welcomed and visceral new character in the street-level universe Marvel and Netflix have masterfully built, came Frank Castle, aka “The Punisher”. For those new to the Marvel universe by way of TV and movies, this take on the character was very well done from his introduction down to his origin. While the Netflix shows have been gritty, dark, and violent, Frank Castle upped the stakes significantly. Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead, Fury, Baby Driver) channels the very essence of Castle better than previous efforts have been able to accomplish. The interactions between Castle and Daredevil were some of the best of the entire Daredevil series. The conversation in the graveyard, particularly, was the best telling of Punisher’s origin this long-time comic book reader had ever heard. In the second Daredevil season, Punisher has his own separate arc, setting up this solo season perfectly. I highly recommend watching Daredevil season 2 to be caught up on the events that set this upcoming series into motion.

From what we’ve seen in trailers and sneak previews there will be a deeper look at what Castle lost to inspire his violent and merciless crusade. In a time when good and evil are often confused,  Frank’s pure sense of vengeance and justice is refreshing. The character has always done a good job of vicariously showing us what justice looks like without laws protecting criminals and monsters. It’ll be interesting to see who he goes after in this season. Will it be a more in-depth revenge tale, criminals in general, or both? I’m sure we’ll see Karen Page show back up after their tumultuous relationship formed in Daredevil, and for those who know the character, I almost guarantee we’ll see Micro in person. No matter where they go, I’ll be waiting to see them top the prison hallway scene. If you’ve seen Daredevil you know exactly what I’m talking about. Jon Bernthal is an amazing talent and is sure to bring us the best live action Punisher to date.

There is a new theory some have speculated on, regarding the release date of the series. There is a motion poster from the official Punisher Twitter account that invites fans to “Read between the lines.

Some people have picked up on the bottom of the screen where the date is scratched out but reveals some numbers and then 2017. The theory is that the number 701 (you can take a closer look here) could be a mirror-flip of 107, or 10/7. This would seem unlikely, but the date happens to coincide with Marvel TV’s Punisher panel at New York Comic-Con, where speculation suggests the first episode might be screened. Another keen-eyed fan indicated that he saw the numbers 10 and 20 in the poster, which might suggest an October 20th release date. That would be a Friday, when Netflix are known to drop their originals. Who knows? Maybe Punishment is coming quicker than we thought.

One batch, two batch, penny and dime.

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