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Recap – Star Trek: Discovery Episode 5

Episode Title: “Choose Your Pain”

Network: Netflix

Air Date: October 16, 2017


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Star Wars Trailer Drops Tonight!

Scheduled to release during Monday Night Football here in the States is the new trailer for Star WarsThe Last Jedi. The movie is releasing December 15th and is expected to be the cinema event of the year.

The director Rian Johnson upped the drama by stating that people who want to go into this movie “clean” should use restraint and not watch the trailer. He later changed the tone to dispel rumours the trailer was spoiler-heavy by stating that he meant “100% clean.”

Despite the rhetoric, assuredly millions will watch the trailer tonight either during the game or online. Will you have the discipline to wait for the movie?

Don’t worry about it – when the trailer is live, we’ll embed it here, and we can all discuss it together.


Here’s the trailer. Feast your eyes on it, then discuss it in the comments below. (If you like.)

Recap – Game of Thrones S7E3: “The Queen’s Justice”

This season of Game of Thrones will have seven episodes; the next will have only six. This, I reckon, is why the show has suddenly abandoned any sense of realistic proportion. Time is fluid now. Distance is irrelevant. Towards the end of last week’s episode, “Stormborn”, Jon Snow announced he would accept an invitation to Dragonstone. At the start of last night’s episode, “The Queen’s Justice”, there he is on the beach; that’s a week-long journey, maybe more, with scarcely a scene in between. We’ve been waiting seven seasons for these two characters to meet, and now things are moving so fast that you have to wonder if they’ll get any time together before they each start teleporting across Westeros.

Not that I care about realism in a fantasy series, obviously. I watch Game of Thrones to see people get naked, have sex, and swordfight to death. The logistics don’t concern me. But this newfound disregard for details does speak to what I’ve been saying in these recaps, about how much freer the show feels now. There are only ten episodes left to tie up about a dozen different ongoing conflicts, and in a show that has frequently had to stretch itself to breaking point in order to fill time and tick boxes, the rapidity of this new season feels liberating. The reason I drifted away from George Martin’s books is that they were mostly full of complete bullshit. What’s best about this season, so far, at least, is that it has no room for any bullshit at all.

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Analysis – Gone Girl (Plot Holes)

The problem with discussing plot holes is that nobody can really agree on what they are and if they matter. Everyone enters a movie with different expectations, and different degrees of tolerance for lapses in a story’s internal logic. A particularly diligent nit-picker can probably find some way to tear apart pretty much any narrative ever committed to film, but most people hand-wave those questions away to preserve their own enjoyment. Why didn’t Character X do Action Y in Situation Z? Because if they did, there wouldn’t be a movie. It’s as simple as that.

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Opinion – The Split Ending

Spoilers, obviously.

So, last night I got done watching M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. And, somewhat incredibly at this point in the director’s career, it’s actually really good. Not great, thanks largely to a handful of typically Shyamalanesque problems, but for a genre movie opening in January it’s far better than you could reasonably expect. In it, James McAvoy plays a kidnapper with dissociative identity disorder, Kevin, who harbours 23 distinct personalities and three captive teenage girls.

I’ve been thinking about Split almost constantly since. Which is odd, because it’s not a particularly cerebral movie. By the end, it’s pretty clear exactly what happened and why. But it is a movie with a twist. Several, in fact, and a big reveal at the very end, which is absolutely what people are going to be talking about long after they’ve forgotten the particulars of the movie itself. I didn’t see it coming at all, and it was honestly kind of amazing, especially for someone like me who’s familiar with the rest of Shyamalan’s work. We’ll get to this soon.

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