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Star Wars Trailer Drops Tonight!

Scheduled to release during Monday Night Football here in the States is the new trailer for Star WarsThe Last Jedi. The movie is releasing December 15th and is expected to be the cinema event of the year.

The director Rian Johnson upped the drama by stating that people who want to go into this movie “clean” should use restraint and not watch the trailer. He later changed the tone to dispel rumours the trailer was spoiler-heavy by stating that he meant “100% clean.”

Despite the rhetoric, assuredly millions will watch the trailer tonight either during the game or online. Will you have the discipline to wait for the movie?

Don’t worry about it – when the trailer is live, we’ll embed it here, and we can all discuss it together.


Here’s the trailer. Feast your eyes on it, then discuss it in the comments below. (If you like.)


Episode 68 – Jackie Chan and Police Story (1985)

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This is Episode 68 of the Ready, Steady, Cut! Podcast. On this episode, to celebrate the return of Jackie Chan in The Foreigner, we discuss one of his classics – Police Story (1985).

We also discuss What’s Happening At Ready Steady Cut, Trailer Talk is Annihilation and as always, we play another game of You Can’t Beat Me! This week it is Star Wars Characters.

Episode Summary:

00:00 – Introduction and Episode Summary
03:19 – What’s Happening at Ready, Steady, Cut!
08:54 – Trailer Talk – Annihilation
17:31 –  Police Story (1985) Discussion
59:22 – Questions from Listeners
1:06:40 – You Can’t Beat Me – Star Wars Characters
1:28:48 – Final Comments

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Review – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The more I think about it, the surer I become that the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the biggest cinematic event in my twenty-six-year existence. I’m certain of it, in fact. The reason I know this is because of a video I saw on Facebook. It compiled the greatest pieces of goal-scoring and play-making in the career of long-time Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes, and in the comments some dick had posted a spoiler, a big one, for The Force Awakens. That’s how deeply-entrenched in popular culture Star Wars really is. In a random comment on a totally unrelated post by a website almost diametrically-opposed to the very idea of science-fiction, some troll knew that he could ruin the day of thousands of people by revealing a plot point of a movie. And he did.

Upon reading that spoiler I experienced a kind of solidarity with those thousands of strangers that I’ve rarely felt as human being and certainly never felt as a film fan. I was irrationally angry. But that’s Star Wars for you, isn’t it? A galaxy far, far away that feels as close and significant as the one you’re living in.

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