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Review – The Void

In a day and age where CGI effects and recycled ideas are far and wide, it’s nice to know that we can still be treated to a horror movie that draws inspiration from the best of the best and still feels fresh and exciting. That’s exactly what we get with The Void.

The film doesn’t waste any time getting to the goods and continues at a pace that keeps the viewer interested. It starts with a blood-soaked man frantically running away from what seems to be two madmen. He is then found by Deputy Daniel Carter, played by Aaron Poole, who reluctantly decides to take him to Marsh County Memorial where his ex-wife Allison Fraser works, played by Kathleen Munroe.

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Review – The Thing (2011)

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The Thing is a film fuelled by an unlimited energy source: Paranoia. It chugs along tracks cleft through the Antarctic snow, relentless, pushing and shunting its characters and monsters and ideas into a composition roughly analogous to those found in John Carpenter’s peerless 1982 original. This is a worse film, by a significant margin, but it works with efficiency and a reasonable amount of competency, offering a handful of gory gotcha’s and explanations for a few titbits that Carpenter’s masterpiece left unresolved. (Ah, so that’s how the axe got embedded in the wall.)

The titular “thing” is an extraterrestrial mimic that can exactly imitate the body and behaviour of another life form, sucking them up and digesting them and spitting out their teeth fillings like chicken bones. The drama comes from not knowing which of the characters is currently housing the monster, but if this version of The Thing has a central failing, it’s that its shapeshifters are so shifty that it’s always easy to guess who they’re impersonating. It allows for some fun body-horror (hey, look, the guy with two heads!) and a smattering of scenes where the heroes cook their mates with flamethrowers, but there’s no pervading sense of dread, no horror, none of that insidious suspicion that stems from not knowing if your best friend, your wife, your boss is really out to get you.

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