Meet The Team

Daniel Hart

Co-Founder, Head of Podcasting, Writer

Dan is a co-founder of RSC and the host of the podcast. He also contributes writing on film and TV.

Since launching RSC in April 2017, Dan has managed both the show and the site behind the scenes, helping it expand and develop into new areas. His writing has covered film, TV, sports and culture.

When he isn’t working, you can find Dan doing what he loves: Enjoying sports, spending time with his family, and watching too many movies.

His favourite filmmaker is Christopher Nolan. He loves Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and thinks Flubber is underrated.


Jonathon Wilson

Co-Founder, Senior Writer/Editor

Jonathon is one of RSC’s co-founders, and is a senior writer and editor who covers film, television and video games.

An author, critic, journalist and general irritant from the North of England, Jonathon has been peddling his strange brand of sarcasm and potentially dangerous rhetoric since 2009. His work has appeared in various far-flung corners of the internet, and he helped to co-found RSC thanks mostly to reputable outlets refusing to publish him anymore.

He lives with his girlfriend, his daughter, and a cat he hates.


Laura Boyes

Co-Founder, Social Media Manager

As a co-founder of RSC, Laura has led the merchandising side of the project and managed our various social media accounts. She also occasionally contributes written content. (And selfies.)

Laura is a dog lover and a social policy graduate. When she isn’t working on the site, she’s spending time with her newborn or her family’s many dogs. Her favourite film is Never Been Kissed, for some reason.


Josh Sweeney

News Editor

Josh currently heads up RSC’s news division, breaking stories in the entertainment world and occasionally contributing reviews in his trademark, humorous style.

A fella from Newfoundland who enjoys MTG, punk rock and horror movies, if you can think of a show, Josh has created a drinking game for it. Trust us.


Tyler Howat


Tyler is a writer, teacher, librarian, podcaster, and lover of everything in the realm of Geek, particularly Star Trek, Doctor Who, and epic SFF novels.

He can be found online at:

Elementary, Dear Reader:

The Next Trek Podcast:


Oliver Buckley

Film Critic

A geek, a scholar, and a gentleman, Oli loves all things geek with a particular fondness for Star Wars and Marvel movies, although he does include Pretty Woman as one of his favourite films of all time.

Oli regularly contributes reviews to RSC – particularly those of dodgy made-for-TV Christmas films. He also maintains a personal site at and runs a podcast, Mike and Oli’s Movie Date.


Alice Field

Film Critic

Alice spends most of her time at work, looking after family, or exhausted; work is IT project management support, and family is – you know – unique, like everyone else’s. The main escapism and leisure in recent years has been cinema… So she joined Ready Steady Cut in November 2017 as a reviewer, thinking all the time watching films could have some use at last.

Alice enjoys some of fandom too, occasionally attending comic cons and genre film festivals. Film tastes are very wide-ranging: quirky indie films, foreign language horror and some blockbusters; so she struggles to pick a favourite film. She’s usually talking about horror, though; the more stylish the better.