Six Dreams Season 1 Review – the gritty side of La Liga football

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 7, 2018 (Last updated: January 21, 2024)
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Amazon Prime Original Six Dreams - Review


Amazon Prime Original Six Dreams shows a honest, gritty side of La Liga football from the perspective of 6 different clubs.

Amazon Prime seem to be enjoying football at the moment, as they baste in the beautiful game, releasing exclusive documentaries. My views may be slightly skewed due to supporting another football club, but All or Nothing: Manchester City did not inspire; the series reeked of the toxic wealth in the game. It lacked what made the game so great – we do not need to see clubs meeting their billionaire owners in high golden castles in the middle of Abu Dhabi; we want to see the heartbreaks, the nervousness and exhilaration that the sport brings. Prime Original Six Dreams represents top-tier football in Spain. The Amazon documentary series feels different from the Manchester City equivalent.

Six Dreams is a multi-club effort to show the world of La Liga football; it does not just show teams riding on top. The opening episode, “Dreams”, details the start of the 17/18 season for 6 teams.

Andrés Guardado arrives to help Real Betis whilst also handling the pressure of dealing with the Mexico National team, offering his thoughts on the politics and the strength of his nation’s football. Saúl Ñíguez is managing his newfound fame at Atlético Madrid, realizing that the locals are starting to respect him as part of the club rather than an addition to the team. Coach Eduardo Berizzo is looking to inspire Seville out of a rough patch, climbing back to the upper echelons of the league table. Striker Iñaki Williams is lending his speed to Athletic Bilbao, whilst giving an insight to the community feeling of the club. Sports Director Quique hopes for early triumph for newcomer Girona, watching his newly promoted team against the giants Real Madrid. And finally, in the little tiny and fierce Eibar, president Amaia keeps her calm over early setbacks. Six Dreams is a mixed bag, and regardless if you are a football fan, there is an insight to be enjoyed.

Amazon Prime Original Six Dreams - Review

And due to its diversity of case studies, Six Dreams does not subject itself to the arrogance of the sport; there is a real honesty that shines through. I was expecting to regularly see clubs show off their modern art facilities and the odd reference to money. The Prime series does not focus on the wealth of the sport as a primary, it kind of runs in the background. Atlético Madrid by ranking standards is the highest team in this series, but Six Dreams still focuses on the experiences rather than a popularity contest. When the series focuses on Eibar, there is a real sense of community mentality; even the president Amai, whose primary interest is ensuring the financial sustainability of the football club, consoles herself with nervous emotions during the games. It is more than just her bank balance, it is her life, her project.

I think that is where the main strength lies. Six Dreams does not just focus on one particular role in the club. The series targets a variety of people who are important in running a football organisation and thus shows a relationship between them and what happens on the field, which is why the documentary is worth a shot. Prime Original Six Dreams shows the grittier side of top-tier football in La Liga. With growing wealth and the growing commercialization in the game, Six Dreams is what we need, to show the human side.

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