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Since its inception, Ready Steady Cut (RSC) has consistently grown, staying ahead of film & TV, entertainment, and pop culture industry trends. With a strong focus on streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max, Paramount+, and more, RSC’s versatile writing team also delves into other trending areas such as k-drama, true crime, anime, and reality television. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch content, including TV recaps, ending explanations, movie reviews, opinion pieces, features, and news, ensuring our coverage is always current.

RSC fosters community engagement with an open, moderated comment section, valuing reader opinions and actively participating in discussions.

Our Story

In 2017, two childhood friends, Daniel Hart and Jonathon Wilson, transformed their shared passion for movies, TV shows, and entertainment into a digital reality, giving birth to Ready Steady Cut. What began as a hobbyist project quickly evolved into a thriving online publication. By 2018, RSC had become a renowned source for the latest reviews, news, and features in streaming services and entertainment. Overcoming numerous challenges and achieving significant milestones, by 2020, RSC had established a robust editorial process and a dedicated writing team.

Industry Recognition

Since 2017, Ready Steady Cut’s trusted coverage has garnered numerous accolades. The publication is frequently quoted on movie and TV show posters and trailers, and in 2022, it was officially recognized by Rotten Tomatoes as an approved publication.

The Team

Our team, spanning the US, UK, and Europe, brings diverse expertise in film studies, journalism, production, and creative writing. Under the leadership of co-founders Jonathon Wilson (Lead Editor) and Daniel (Editor-in-Chief), the team adheres to a strict and efficient editorial process, ensuring content meets our readers’ expectations for quality and integrity.

Our Editorial Policy

Our editorial policy is straightforward:

  • We maintain impartiality and independence in our views.
  • All content is crafted by human writers with relevant expertise, each piece accompanied by the author’s legitimate biography.
  • We commit to accuracy and reliability in our content.
  • Rigorous fact-checking and source citation are integral to our process.
  • Content quality is thoroughly reviewed before publication.
  • We strive to keep our content current and up-to-date.
  • We stand firmly against all forms of discrimination.
  • Authenticity is key – each author is encouraged to express their unique voice.

Quick Stats

Ready Steady Cut now serves 35 million annual readers and continues to grow, staying connected with the latest trends in the ever-evolving world of entertainment and pop culture.

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For direct inquiries, reach us at [email protected] or visit our contact page for more options.

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Ready Steady Cut is the trading name of Hart-Wilson Media Limited, registered in England and Wales (reg. 13313095).

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