Meet the team

At Ready Steady Cut, our dedicated team of writers and staff members brings you in-depth coverage of the latest in Movies, TV shows, K-Drama, True Crime, anime, and other entertainment genres. We delve into the newest offerings from streaming services and the broader realm of pop culture. Whether it’s Netflix, Prime, or HBO, our passionate team meticulously explores every aspect, providing news, recommendations, reviews, and unique insights.

Get to know our team members below.

Daniel Hart


Daniel is the co-founder of Ready Steady Cut and has served as Editor-in-Chief since 2017. Since then, Dan has been at the top of his game by ensuring that we only produce and upload content of exceptional quality and that we’re up to date with the latest additions to the streaming and entertainment world.

Jonathon Wilson

Commissioning Editor

Jonathon is one of the co-founders of Ready Steady Cut and has been an instrumental part of the team since its inception in 2017. Jonathon has remained involved in all aspects of the site’s operation, mainly dedicated to its content output, remaining one of its primary Entertainment writers while also functioning as our dedicated Commissioning Editor, publishing over 6,500 articles.

Romey Norton

Film, TV and Entertainment Writer

Romey Norton joined Ready Steady Cut in June 2021 as a Film and TV writer, and since then, she has published over 400 articles for the website. With a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Leeds in 2017 and acting experience on screen, Romey uses her Film and TV knowledge to bring informative and detailed content for online publications and podcasting.

Ricky Valero

Film Critic and TV Writer

Ricky Valero joined Ready Steady Cut in January 2022 as a Film and TV writer and critic, and since then has published over 700 articles on the website. Ricky, a recognized movie critic, has been writing about films for almost a decade. Since joining the industry, he has covered numerous movie festivals, including Sundance Film Festival, AFI Fest, and SXSW Festival, and is a member of the prestigious Critics Choice Association.

Louie Fecou

Entertainment and News Writer

Louie Fecou joined the Ready Steady Cut writing team back in August 2018 as an Entertainment Writer and, since then, has published over 1,000 articles for the site. Louie has proven experience in various publications, print and online. To kickstart his journalism career, in 2013, he was a columnist and writer for The Irvine Herald Newspaper.

Lori Meek

Film Critic and TV Writer

Lori Meek has been a Ready Steady Cut contributing writer since September 2022 and has had over 400 published articles since. She studied Film and Television at Southampton Solent University, where she gained most of her knowledge and passion for the entertainment industry. Lori’s work is also featured on platforms such as TBreak Media and ShowFaves.

Amanda Guarragi

Film and Entertainment Writer

Amanda Guarragi joined Ready Steady Cut as an Entertainment Writer in June 2022. She is a Toronto-based film critic who has covered TIFF, Sundance Film Festival, Austin Film Festival, and HorrorFest International. Amanda is also a growing YouTuber, with her channel Candid Cinema growing in popularity.

Nubia Brice

Anime Lead Writer

Nubia Jade Brice joined Ready Steady Cut in November 2022, kickstarting the anime section of the website. Since then, she has published over 400 articles and is central to the success of anime coverage. Using her industry knowledge, she has written for several sites, including Anime Feminist, Anime Geek, Chasing Anime, Letter Drop, and Asian Movie Pulse.

Kieran Burt

Film, News and Entertainment Writer

Kieran Burt joined Ready Steady Cut back in October 2022, bringing plenty of knowledge in various universes, including Star Wars, DC, and the MCU. Kieran is also a freelance journalist with a postgraduate degree in Magazine Journalism from Nottingham Trent University in 2023. He’s also a qualified NCTJ journalist.

Sandi Thompson

K-Drama News Writer

Sandi Thompson joined Ready Steady Cut in February 2023 as a Korean Drama News Writer. She’s channeled her love of the written word, research, and data into her passion for Korean Dramas by tracking ratings, reviews, and behind-the-scenes happenings of past and present series available on all streaming services.

Jessica Fontaine

Film and Entertainment Writer

Jessica Fontaine joined Ready Steady as a Freelance Entertainment Writer back in January 2023, and since then, she has published over 50 articles. Jessica has become a trusted writer in the early years of her entertainment journalism career. She has contributed her entertainment and pop culture knowledge to outlets such as Glitter Magazine.

Adam Lock

TV and Entertainment Writer

Adam Lock is a highly experienced Freelance Entertainment Writer who has written for Ready Steady Cut since January 2022. He is passionate about all things film and TV-related and has devoted his time to tracking streaming content on his social media.

Miguel Fernández

News and Entertainment Writer

Miguel Fernández joined Ready Steady Cut in the summer of 2022 and has been a regular contributor since. Miguel has been working in entertainment websites since early 2020 in addition to his day job, collaborating as a writer and later editor at Star Wars News Net and Movie News Net. He’s also a regular contributor to The Illuminerdi.