RoleSenior Editor
LocationWest Yorkshire, United Kingdom
ExpertiseEditorial, Film and TV, News, Entertainment, K-Drama, Pop Culture, Rotten Tomatoes Approved
Contribution4974 articles published since November 2017

Jonathon Wilson

Jonathon is one of the co-founders of Ready Steady Cut and has been an instrumental part of the team since its inception in 2017.

After leaving college, Jonathon ventured into the world of freelance writing to develop a portfolio. He was commissioned in multiple digital and print magazines for both fiction and criticism before eventually pivoting to a more managerial role as the News Editor of a video game start-up (Pixels or Death).

In 2015, Jonathon published his first book, “Disfigured,” which is available digitally on Amazon.

Since helping to establish Ready Steady Cut in 2017, Jonathon has remained involved in all aspects of the site’s operation, mainly dedicated to its content output, remaining one of its primary Entertainment writers while also functioning as our dedicated Commissioning Editor, publishing over 6,500 articles. His coverage includes film, TV, entertainment, anime, true crime and K-Drama.

Jonathon’s experience and expertise in contemporary media allow him to assist our writers in producing the highest quality content tailored for savvy modern audiences.

Jonathon is also individually approved on Rotten Tomatoes and gained that status in June 2020: here is his Rotten Tomatoes Profile.

  • Ready Steady Cut’s co-founder.
  • Over a decade of professional writing and editing experience. 
  • Individually approved on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Well-versed and experienced in covering all media, from films and TV to video games. 

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