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Ready Steady Cut is one of the web’s fastest growing entertainment sites. Our mission statement is to keep on growing.

To help us do that, we’re currently looking to expand our team. We pride ourselves in providing engaging content, and we do that through a vibrant team ethos. The fact is, we enjoy what we do with a passion for all things pop culture.

Does it sound like you’d enjoy it too? If you are up for a fun challenge and want to be part of a constantly evolving project, then let us know. As we currently only make enough money from this project for it to be self-sustaining, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a wage, but with our rate of progression that is very likely to change in the future. What we can provide right now is a platform, one supported by a dedicated team, extensive social media promotion, an editorial process, and fellow writers who are fans first, just like you.

Any opportunities are listed below:

Film Critic

We’re currently looking for writers to help us cover the world of film, from new releases to old favourites, in reviews, opinion pieces, and special features. We would work together to cover all the current goings-on in the industry, and you’d have the opportunity to pitch your own ideas and features.

TV Critic

We’re looking for a talented writer to diligently cover the TV industry, providing reviews, episode recaps, and special features. You’d be given a fair amount of latitude to focus on the shows you wanted, while also covering the major talking points.

Video Game Critic

Here at Ready Steady Cut, we’re interested in all kinds of games writing, about all kinds of games. We’re looking for a passionate player with a knack for writing, who can provide traditional journalistic reviews, unconventional criticism, and unique features. You’d be encouraged to cover major releases, indie efforts, and favourites of your choosing.


There are other areas of entertainment that we intend to cover widely in the future. If you enjoy writing about comics, books or anything else entertainment related that you think would fit with Ready Steady Cut then please get in touch.

Standards and expectations

We are not dictators. Our expectation is for our writers to have a level of writing style and competency, and to enjoy what they do. Writers should abide by the editorial process (don’t worry, we have style guides!). We’d also expect our writers to promote their own work alongside our social media efforts, and to help out with the rest of the team in that regard.

Further requirements

Members of the team will need to join our free team-management mobile application “Slack”, so you can collaborate with us. It is available on desktop, iOS, and Android, so this should be very simple. Apart from that, we do not require much more. A sense of humour is not required but is definitely encouraged!


The major perk is to be part of a growing platform that grows its audience on a weekly/monthly basis. We also provide press access to events and screenings and advanced review copies for our critics. Another perk (for the film/TV writers) is that you will be able to join (whenever you feel free) our weekly podcast and voice your Film & TV commentary audibly (which is fun!).

How to apply

Interested? Then please contact us, either using any of the methods on the “Contact” page or by emailing us directly at contact@readysteadycut.com

When you introduce yourself, please briefly explain to us why you would like to be involved, and what you think you’d bring to the team. We’d also like to see a 500-word writing sample, and/or links to your other published or personal work. If we like what we see, we will bring you on board, introduce you to the team, and provide you with the general house rules.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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