‘Vai Anitta’ | Netflix Original Series Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 16, 2018
Vai Anitta - Netflix Review


Vai Anitta gives an insightful account of the singer’s day to day life, as she marches on to the international scene.

To be brutally truthful, before watching this Netflix documentary series, I didn’t even know who Anitta was, but to be fair on my knowledge, I do not scour Spotify playlists daily to research yearned-for artists internationally. Vai Anitta is a tribute to the singer’s present life more than a history lesson, which I can only assume her fans will well and truly appreciate.

Each energetic episode showcases the singer’s daily work, personally and professionally, in a more than honest way than I expected. I was ready for a rock and roll lifestyle splashed across the screens, reminding us how great it is to be at the peak of entertainment history, but it never came. Vai Anitta does not only appear to, but really reveals the artists’ free-loving soul.

I did wonder about the purpose of Vai Anitta, apart from promotional reasons but she does mention her fans quite frequently. There is a real sense that she is doing this for them, and she wants to share her work ethic, values and general principles so people can understand her from a personal perspective.

Vai Anitta does show some insightful recording sessions, especially with her songwriter in the opening episodes, but what surprised me the most is Anitta’s work ethic. The Brazillian has energy that is untapped, almost feeling limitless and invincible, which most would feel jealous not being able to match.

The singer’s personal life is put on the table. For example, in the second episode, it reveals how she got embarrassingly involved with her husband, throwing up all over him and the car, but on the flipside, Vai Anitta reveals her political angle, campaigning against the Brazillian government and their infamous continuous plans on the Amazon forest deforestation.

The main take from Vai Anitta is the realness you get from the international artist, and if you are a fan of her music, I am sure you will enjoy the genuineness.

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    Yeah man, I really loved it.

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