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Using insightful topics, Kal Penn’s This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy provides a great understanding of the difficult economy.

I would never have expected Kal Penn to make a docuseries about the economy, but Amazon Prime is onto a winner with This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy. In each episode, Kal Penn uses his humour, comedy and interview techniques to talk with key players that play an integral part in the global economy. I guess in a world where the difference between being poor or rich could be a single YouTube video that hits a trend at the right time, its useful to be educated on how our economy works. After all, it governs us, no matter how volatile it is.

This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy is not just about how dirty cash is; it explores different outcomes that are generated by money, and why the system is the way it is. For someone like me who doesn’t stroke myself over The Financial Times, Kal Penn does a thorough job in using his comedy to explain the different mechanisms that exist. In Episode 1, for instance, he discusses the art of money laundering, birthing the subject from the Panama Papers that are still getting some people arrested today – he uses a series of skits, and simple language to get the viewer on his side. He does that for every single episode.

This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy manages to retrieve those thoughts that we’ve probably had for a while, but we’ve never questioned them. Like, why do rich people act like dicks? Will evolving A.I. drive the economy down a different path? And is money real – how is it made? I guess it works to consider these questions with Kal Penn because he feels like one of us – okay, he’s a little wealthy, but he is not part of the super-rich.

If you are interested in confronting expert money-launderers or seeing how the host deals with a conversation with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk, then the This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy is one of the easiest watches you can add to your list.

Daniel Hart

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