Romance Is a Bonus Book Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 24, 2019 (Last updated: November 21, 2023)
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Romance is a bonus book episode 10


Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 10 explored Dan-i’s confused feelings for Eun-ho. A chapter that delivered more questions than answers.

This recap of Romance Is a Bonus Book Season 1 Episode 10 contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 10 was a slow tease for the fans if anything. Eun-ho (Jong-Suk Lee) is tending for the ill man, and I am still unsure as to who he is – I must have missed it, so let me know in the comments. Dan-i (Nayoung Lee) is missing him, wondering where he is and obsessively calling and texting the Chief-Editor. She is also flagrantly unsure of her connection with Ji Seo-jun due to her current scenario. Once she goes home and realizes Eun-ho is absent, she finds the necklace and flowers he bought her.

Chapter 10 did the usual rummaging of subplots at the publishing company; Ji-yul and Park Hoon finish the stickers task on the 5,000 copies of the newly released book, but with Hae-rin shocked by the break-up, she continues to berate Ji-yul, before Eun-ho kindly intervenes. He explains to Ji-yul that she needs to understand the pain and pressure of being an editor, and gives her a list of recommendations for her to find a passion for books. With Dan-i’s recent marketing success, she is given more exciting projects, making Ms. Go jealous.

Eun-ho finally gets in touch with Dan-i, cheekily asking her if she missed him. He returns home but with a high temperature, meaning Dan-i has to limit her anger at him and make sure he gets well. She plucks up the courage to ask him when he started having feelings for her, and politely rejects him, stating that he should have kept his feelings to himself. Eun-ho explains that everything will remain how it is and that she does not need to worry.

Romance Is a Bonus Book Episode 10 ends with the comedic tone that we come to expect. Ji Seo-jun starts his first day as a designer for the publishing company, clashing with Hae-rin over concepts, as the pair slowly establish a growing relationship with each other. To celebrate his first day, Eun-ho awkwardly asks if they should all go to dinner together. The dinner was hilarious, with Eun-ho getting jealous of Ji Seo-jun’s cooking skills, but then he realizes that recent confessions of feelings still phase Dan-i, and calmly enjoys the rest of the evening.

Now that Eun-ho has figured out that Dan-i is bothered about his feelings, he ends the episode teasing her. Deciding that he cannot help himself anymore, he goes in for the kiss, and the chapter concludes with Dan-i looking despondent; a teasing cliffhanger for next week.

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