‘Love, Death + Robots’ Episode 18 Review: “The Secret War”

March 15, 2019 (Last updated: May 19, 2022)
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Love Death + Robots Episode 18 Review The Secret War


Love, Death + Robots Episode 18, “The Secret War”, ends the series with a cold exterior and wonderful visuals, mixed with some violence for good measure.

Love, Death + Robots is a Netflix Anthology series created by Tim Miller and David Fincher. Here is the review for Episode 18, “The Secret War”, which will contain spoilers. You can read the spoiler-free review of the entire series by clicking these words. You can check out our archive for reviews of each episode by clicking these words.

As we close out our coverage of Love, Death + Robots, I think it’s worth noting that this anthology series, collating what is essentially short films with connecting themes, has been a worthwhile exercise for Tim Miller and David Fincher. Okay, it’s no Black Mirror, but I wouldn’t grumble at a second season. The team at Ready Steady Cut have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of stories in different qualities and techniques. Episode 18, “The Secret War”, ends with a cold, brutal telling of a vicious battle with an overbearing horde of alien-type creatures.

They are the kind of horde that you’d be used to battling over and over again in the gaming series Halo. They used to p**s me off so much, with cries from Cortana to get your s**t together to kill as many as possible. They are a concern for The Red Army, who seem to have been trying to defeat the creatures for years in the ancient forests of Siberia. There are tales of an evil that lurks beneath, where the horde is apparently from.

“The Secret War” relies on a cold exterior, where you can imagine the bitter-ice temperates through your screen. Once the fighting commences, you understand the severity of the characters’ situations, as the horde is more populated than The Red Army. For a final chapter of Love, Death + Robots it’s hardly memorable, and it appears the creators were more concerned of anticipated battle in “The Secret War”, in order to end the series with a big bang.

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1 thought on “‘Love, Death + Robots’ Episode 18 Review: “The Secret War”

  • November 16, 2019 at 12:04 am

    It was one of the best episodes by directing, storywise, action, music and emotions. Im not a communist soldier but am a father and this one touched me. I suggest you to watch it again knowing the ties between father and son and see the small details in their relationship. It is a really well written episode. 5/5 love it.

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